Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Tipping Point, Part Two

I woke up early and full of energy this morning. Cleaning, organizing and preparing for the day. Normally I'm not up early enough to watch Don Imus on MSNBC, but I was able to turn it on today. I always enjoy Imus.

Chris Matthews was Don's guest this morning at 6:30 am Central Time. And Don Imus and his listeners (and viewers) discovered what I was saying a few days ago in my essay "The Tipping Point," Chris Matthews has gone over the edge. He is way past the "tipping point."

Imus was simply stunned by Matthews. Poor Chris went on a rant that seethed with nonsensical hatred of George Bush and the "neo-cons." His view of the war in Iraq has colored his every view.

Chris' rant went on for a full ten minutes without so much as taking a breath. Matthews wove a tapestry of facts, fiction, insults and propaganda. It's not that his view of Bush and American's foreign policy isn't shared by others, or that it is wrong, it's that he can no longer see any action by Bush in an objective light. There's a neo-con monster under every bed in Chris Matthews world.

Imus finally interrupted him and suggested he take a breath. Then Imus went on to dissect poor Chris, who so clearly had gone off the deep end.

I'm so sorry I don't have a link or a quote. I didn't make a vid cap. I hope someone did. If I locate something I'll come back and post it here.

I did make a few notes of the comments by Imus and the crew of the Don Imus Show after the Chris Matthews interview earlier this morning:

    "Chris Matthews is wound too tight."

    "He needs to take a vacation."

    "He needs to go on a news fast."

    "I just hope he's O.K."

    "He's got to calm down."

Let's hope Chris Matthews can regain his footing. He is a great analyst when he can remain objective.


Vigilante said...

Chris Matthews ... is a great analyst?

Excuse me for saying this, Wiz, but I think you were much better off with Juan Cole.

the WIZARD, fkap said...

I rethought this aritcle after I wrote it and wondered why I'm obcessed with Chris Matthews. First of all, many writers, bloggers, commentators and reports are (and always have been) over the "tipping point." Their political or philosophical views so deeply color their every observation that they become incapable of rational or reasonable analysis.

Sometimes (as I wrote previsouly)that irrational perspective makes them enjoyable and, even, dare I say it, important as commentators and analysists. You know exactly where Ann Coulter is coming from and you know "fairness and objectivity" are not her hallmarks.

But I really treasure those who remain objective. I always felt Chris Matthews was one of this rare breed.

I hate to see he has gone over the edge.