Thursday, August 10, 2006

Photo(shop) Finish

UPDATED 8/12/2006 Midnight

Civilian casualties? Not in this war. Civilians are the target. Civilian murders are the means to an end. Terror is the goal.

The weapons of war now include not only bombs and missiles, rape and torture, but also all the tricks perfected by the public relations agencies and advertising geniuses on Madison Avenue. If we can't kill enough civilians, just photoshop some more into the rubble.

Frankly the truth is frightening enough. We woke Thursday morning to the news that a major terrorist attack had been narrowly averted. The attack by yet another group of Islamic terrorists, again using commercial aircraft, was just days away. REUTERS NEWS STORY: CLICK HERE
The main stream news media devoted nearly 100% of their reporting efforts all day long to uncovering the story. Reporters used their blogs to get out news even more quickly! Here's a recent 'scoop.'

Richard Esposito Reports:

    The suspected terror plotters arrested in Britain had planned to conceal their liquid or gel explosives inside a modified sports beverage drink container and trigger the device with the flash from a disposable camera.

    ABC News has learned exclusively that the plotters planned to leave the top of the bottle sealed and filled with the original beverage but add a false bottom, filled with a liquid or gel explosive. The terrorists planned to dye the explosive mixture red to match the sports drink sealed in the top half of the container.

    This, they thought, would ensure that they would be able to pass through security -- even if they were asked to unseal and drink the beverage.


While the main stream media was consumed with the terrorist story, blogger activity seemed to depend on the political leanings of the bog.

Virtually all conservative bloggers like Michelle Malkin were all over the terrorist story.

Liberal blogs like The Huffington Post were still savoring their sweet victory in nominating Ned Lamont over 'War Hawk Joe Lieberman.'

I really need to devote an entire column to Joe Lieberman. But every time I start, events postpone Joe to another day. Ponder this thought: 99.9999% of all liberals wish were Joe Lieberman were Vice President today. Yet they couldn't wait to throw Joe on the trash heap of history once he crossed the liberal Maginot Line.

Vice President Dick Cheney is in hot water in liberal corners for implying Ned Lamont's victory is being cheered on by the terrorists. I don't think it's true. I don't think the terrorists give a rat's ass who becomes the senator from Connecticut.


Still, if you know terrorists are targeting your wife, your husband, your son or your daughter, do you want Ned Lamont or Joe Lieberman standing guard? Don't answer. I don't care any more than the terrorists.

Before Thursday's horrific news from Great Britain, conservative bloggers were all over the main stream media's failure to catch certain photographer's photoshopping war photos to make Hezbollah appear more heroic and Israel more vile. Michelle Malkin led the assault and her evidence is overwhelming. Her post, "Fauxtography" alert: NYTimes and USNews;plus Time and Reuters' Issam Kobeisi" is compelling and well documented.

I've written before, in my post
"The Value of Human Life" that the Islamic Terrorists have learned the value of human life..... as a weapon of public relations. And what a great weapon it is! It's the ultimate double edged sword.

Hezbollah has the entire world condemning Israel for harming innocent civilians. This now thoroughly discredited photo from the New York Times does bring forth a well spring of emotions even though it was probably staged.

Adding more bodies, more fire and flames, more smoke and destruction to news photographs that will be displayed without questions on all middle-eastern news media will gain emotional and financial support, not to mention volunteers for the next suicide bomber attack.

Under a withering PR assault, the United Nations and many of the world's governments are ready to condemn Israel.

But watch out! The great double edged sword of civilian deaths is ready to swing the other direction. Its the carrot and the stick. One minute sympathy for civilian casualties. The next minute absolute terror at the carnage of thousands of civilian deaths in flying execution chambers!

Had the Islamic Terrorists been able to implement their plot to blow up a dozen trans-Atlantic aircraft, they would have purposely targeted innocent civilians, many women, many, many children and many Muslims.

Over 3,000 innocents would have been targeted and murdered by the same group that adds bodies to their photographs of 'innocent civilians slaughtered by the vile Zionist pigs.'

Hezbollah and other Islamic Terrorist groups are using innocents as shields, as weapons and, ultimately, as public relations images. There is rarely an effort to save the lives of innocents. Their value is in their sacrifice. Innocents have value as martyrs, as victims or as infidels slaughtered in a just and holy war.

Now that I think about it, I really do want to know just how Ned Lamont intends to handle this type of enemy.





    Vigilante said...

    How should we mortals address you, Fkap or Wizard? (I'm never sure but always wanting to pay props.)

    Whatever, when you say,

    "Vice President Dick Cheney is in hot water in liberal corners for implying Ned Lamont's victory is being cheered on by the terrorists. I don't think it's true."

    You're right, and Dick Cheney doesn't think it's true, either. The Veep just think the American people are dumb enough to swallow this one additional lie.

    the WIZARD, fkap said...

    The origin of the "fkap' is now a long lost, deep dark secret.... a tale, that as it gets older, begins to border on myth.

    But my friends (and I certainly sount you in that group) just call me 'Wiz'

    The secret to understanding the Veep and to really understanding the vast right wing cabal is to realize that they DO BELIEVE WHAT THEY SAY IS TRUE.

    This is critical. You don't have to agree with them, but to finally have any kind of a meaningful dialog in this country we need to understand the sincerety of those who see the same facts we see, but arrive at a vastly different conclusion.

    How often do I defend 'liberals' here and on the boards when conservatives accuse them of 'hating America.' Of course liberals don't hate Amercia! They love Amercia as much as or more than the conservatives. But they are sincere in their warnings about President Bush and his assault on traditional Constitutional rights and protections and his misguided 'UULUIUOI' (I love your acronym, and I now use it all the time - did you coin this one yourself?).

    One reason I so greatly respect Joe Lieberman is that he NEVER compromised his very liberal positions, yet he was always civil, always willing to enter into meaningful dialog with the 'other side.' He didn't swing with the polls, he held on to his core convictions. Yet he was willing to learn, to receive new information, and, if necessary, to compromise to achieve his goals.

    There are too few Joe Lieberman's in the Congress today, in fact I can only think af a dozen or so in both houses. And I respect those people more than the other 523 Members of Congress combined.

    Sorry for the rant..... and I do greatly resepct your opinion.

    the Wiz......