Monday, March 12, 2007

The World Spins Madly On

Are there bigger issues facing the United States today?

Of course. The Occupation of Iraq. The threat of terrorism. The political infighting in Washington. The list goes on and on. For some readers it includes the results of the voting on this week's American Idol.

But, if you can multi-task a little today. Consider the plight of Internet Radio.

The Internet has done more to break down borders, to bring people together, to foster the healthy exchange of ideas and to bring the various cultures of the world together than any invention in the history of mankind. More than even the printing press.

Today, you hear the music of virtually every country on earth at the click of your mouse. And that's on
Wizard Radio alone! You have another 20,000 radio stations to explore beyond that.

At least you do today.

Tomorrow you are likely to lose one of the greatest cultural treasures in the entire history of man. All because of the greed and the desire for power of a small, elite group on multi-millionaires who comprise the major record labels.

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