Tuesday, November 06, 2007

And the Common Link Seems to be CAPITALISM!!!

In my last post I asked "What Do Don Imus and Waterboarding Have in Common?" and I actually thought I knew the answer. If you haven't read it already, scroll down and read my original essay.

But, as the Internet often proves, I was only skimming the surface of much deeper waters. Based on the rapid replies of my readers (who were no doubt trolling Technorati just looking for opportunities to spam for profit) the real answer to my question turns out to be "The Almighty Dollar!"

First we got a great reply for an entrepreneur selling IMUS gear and later we received a note with a link to a website selling the T-SHIRTS shown above.

Guantanamo Bay

Come for the Beaches...

Stay for the Waterboarding.

I love it! Here's a shirt that will be applauded by Liberals and Conservatives alike. Here's the link: http://tshirtinsurgency.com/node/12

Ya gotta love the Internet.

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