Thursday, April 17, 2008

Three Thoughts

FIRST: Please, please, please take the time to watch the entire video I posted earlier this evening, Missing Pieces. It's a remarkable music video and all based on a true story.

SECOND: I think the questioning during the Democrat Debate last evening was entirely appropriate and necessary. The critics of ABC's moderators Charles Gibson and George Stephanopoulos are just plain wrong.

Barack needs to be asked tough and occasionally personal questions that directly reflect his character. Hell, until last night, the contestants on American Idol were facing tougher scrutiny than Barack Obama. And, frankly Simon Cowell is a whole hell of a lot tougher than any debate moderator Obama has ever faced in the 25 preceding debates.... until last night. Kudos to Gibson for a job long overdue.

The man is running for President of the United States! I want to see him under fire before I cast my vote next November. Namby-pamby questioning on The View just ain't gonna cut it.

The best benefit of the debate last night was that it helped prepare Obama for the fall campaign. Yes, Obama struggled at times. But he'll be ready next time.... when it will really count.

THIRD: The State of Texas versus 416 innocent children is a moral, political, financial, legal and logistical disaster. The children of the families of the Fundamentalist Church of Latter Day Saints face absolutely no imminent danger from the church, it's elders, the families and certainly not from their mothers.

But the children are in a living hell thanks to the State of Texas. And based on today's nightmare in Court, they will likely be in limbo for years. As MICHELLE ROBERTS, writing for the Associated Press, said today, "As many feared, the proceedings turned into something of a circus - and a painfully slow one."

Now we have 400 lawyers all trying to make a name for themselves. God help us all. And God especially help Texas District Judge Barbara Walther. She will need the wisdom of Solomon.


Utah Savage said...

I, too, am writing about this topic, but from a completely different viewpoint. Please come see me.

Utah Savage said...

Ok, Wizard, I'm almost awake and have written my first reply to your comment--actually comment is perhaps the wrong word to use, since your comment is longer than my post, but that might mean my post isn't long enough. I do appreciate a good argument. On the subject of polymany, I have street creds. and the law on my side. What, besides long windednss to you have on yours? Come home to mamma. We're waiting for you at my place.

Vigilante said...

Wizard, it's an impediment to comment on topics that are as triangulated and diversified as this. I have many thoughts, but I'll have to look for the appropriate place to insert them.