Friday, February 13, 2009

It's Not Morning In America

Have you noticed how very pessimistic and negative Barack Obama has become? President Obama is forecasting a longer and longer recession and distant recovery. He is not upbeat. He is not optimistic. He is depressed.

Compare his slow, deliberate and leaden speeches with the buoyant optimism of Ronald Reagan in his first few days as President. It really was "morning in America" and the public found Reagan's optimism was contagious.

This was President Obama just yesterday, "This recession might linger for years. Our economy will lose 5 million more jobs. Unemployment will approach double digits. Our nation will sink deeper into a crisis that, at some point, we may not be able to reverse."

Many in the retail sector (where most of my personal contacts work) are really complaining about Obama "talking down" the economy. They feel Obama is not just forecasting the coming depression, he is actually making it much worse.

I have to agree.

This afternoon the House passed the completely partisan Pelosi and Reid Stimulus Package. It is a real shame that President Obama failed to properly oversee and guide this bill. The package will do a lot of things, but it's not going to "stimulate" the economy. This mess of a pork laden goulash of a bill will not help us to recover from the current recession and, frankly, Barack Obama and his advisers know this all too well.

He dare not speak optimistically, because there is not hope on the horizon. Nor was there any change in the bills development.

Nancy Pelosi, the worst elected governmental officer in the entire history of the United States, effectively killed bi-partisanship by all herself. Not one single Republican voted for her rat (err, mouse) infested stimulus bill. And not one should have voted for it. First, it is morally and ethically wrong to vote for a bill that will damage and perhaps destroy the United States. Second, if Pelosi is bound and determined to exclude all Republican ideas and voices from the development of the bill, she deserves no support.

As a Democrat I am repulsed by Pelosi and her heavy handed and light headed power grab. With supporters like Pelosi, President Obama doesn't need enemies.

Barring a much needed miracle, the pseudo stimulus bill will now pass the Senate. But Republicans will put up a good fight.

But there will be no moral victory for the Republicans. When the country is in ruins and unemployment and inflation reach double digits, there will be no joy in saying ,"I told you so."

Barack Obama is our president and he deserves our support and loyalty. He will need to support of every American to cope and cure the damage this bill will do to our country.


MadMike said...

It will come as no surprise friend Wizard that I disagree with your assessment. Unlike his predecessor President Obama does not lie to the people. He does not announce "mission accomplished" until such time as he is certain that the mission is, in fact, accomplished. I also do not see his speeches as "leaden." They are energetic, intelligent, and sprinkled with humor, also unlike his less than bright predecessor.

The speaker of the house is a different story. We actually might agree, at least on some of the points you make. I am not impressed, although I suspect her job requires that she behavior as she does. If you look back at the long list of speakers with a critical eye you might see that Naughty Nancy is not so bad after all:-)

Finally, I find it curious that many Republican governors disagreed with their legislative counterparts when it came to the stimulus. Of course, given that huge sums of money were going to the infrastructure of their states it would be hard to believe that they would close and lock the doors to their treasuries because they objected to the stimulus!!

Anyway, your closing statement says it all. We do need to trust and support our president. While there will no doubt be dark days ahead with Barack Obama at the helm we might just be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Lee said...

"President Obama does not lie to the people" Yes, he does. No pork in this bill comes to mind. 3 million jobs created is another. How about No Lobbyists in my administration?

Exactly when has he told the truth?

Obama's lack of experience and lack of leadership is proving he should not be at the helm. Will he grow into the role? I sure hope so and quickly, because he is really starting out Bad.

shoo said...

Obama talking down the economy is only wrong if you think his goal is to make it better. That's not his goal. So long as the economy is in horrible shape, he can justify all kinds of power grabs. The worse the crisis, the bigger and more audacious the power grab. The constant lie that this is "the worse financial crisis since the Depression" is particularly clever: so long as we don't go into a depression, he can claim success.

Sorry, but Obama deserves neither our support nor our loyalty so long as he pursues policies like this "stimulus" that will ultimately be catastrophic to the US.

When the time comes, and I am sure it eventually will happen, that he proposes a policy with which I agree, he will of course then have my full support.

Lee said...

Shoo, I differ with you on support.

We should all support our President of the USA as he was voted in by the people. I agree we should not support his policy.