Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Feminists or Fascists

For my last forty years I have fought for the rights of women. And even more importantly I've fought for the RESPECT of women. This has meant a never ending fight for equal pay, equal treatment, equal opportunity and equal rights. Whether it was a fight for equal and full funding of women's sports in high school or college or a fight for women's right to control their own bodies, each step forward was tough and opposed by a dizzying array of religious zealots and misogynists.

Especially tough has been the on going fight for abortion rights. And even tougher is the continuing fight for gay marriage (which is both a women's issue and a gay rights issue).

And I'm sorry to say that for all the progress we've made here in the United States, the clock has wound backwards in many parts of the world, where rape is now a common part of war, and child prostitution is condoned and even assisted by dictators in the some third world countries.

We are a long way from victory.

Tragically, we are not being helped by many so-called feminists and progressives who have decided that a full frontal assault on Carrie Prejean, Miss California who was attacked unmercifully by the world famous Perez Hilton, is the most important issue of the day.

My problem is that there is only one liberal, liberated woman in the mix and that is Carrie Prejean herself. She had the courage to speak truth to power. And she did so with grace and candor without ever condemning those whose beliefs differ from hers.

That she echoed President Barack Obama's exact position on gay marriage almost word for word simply adds to the irony.

We love Barack. We hate Carrie. It's a tough line of thought to follow. Barack is a hero, a liberator, a voice of reason. Carries is a c---, a bitch, a whore, and much, much worse.

As I listen to the totally pathetic Keith Olbermann and dozens of pseudo liberals and false feminists parade across MSNBC and many other programs, I am sickened.

These people aren't feminists, they are fascists who demand strict adherence to a narrow set of highly specific positions and activities. Dare to cross the line and you will be raped on public television with joy, glee and reckless abandon.

For another, but generally supportive viewpoint, read B. Daniel Blatt's excellent blog post
On the “Need” of All Too Many on the Left to Hate at Gay Patriot.


Vigilante said...

These people are "fascists"? Oh, come on, Wizard. Does "Metaverse" = hyperbola?

Morselaux said...

Vigilante, ya'right. The label is somewhat misplaced. They may not be exactly in a statist/corporate/socialist mussolinist mold. Remove the mussolinist and we're nearly close.

I call them libruls. Not liberals, despite that they successfully hijacked the moniker. They simply want to rule with a liberal scope of power, everyone and at all times = libruls.

So, a different cup'o'coffee, same bad taste.

Lee said...

Split hairs much? how about oppressive, intolerant, chauvinist, dictatorial, racist, or aggressive.

With Obama there is now an era of oppression that is staggering. The so called "Fourth Estate" is voting present.

It matters not what you say, rather who you are when you say it. The irony is running deep out there.

Oh yes, Dissent is no longer tolerated. Welcome to the Progressive Socialist Republic of the USA.

shoo said...

The battle for women's rights is largely won. Women outnumber men on college campuses.

As the most strident advocates for women's rights point out, women make 75 cents for every dollar a man makes. However, this statistic does not factor in things like different career choices, education differences, etc. When controlled for equal education and job experience, studies have shown women make slightly more than equally qualified men.

In short, women on average make less than men because they choose to, not because of any kind of discrimination.

Lee said...

Unless, of course, the Feminists are not for womens rights, so much as Liberal Womens causes at the exclusion of Conservative women.

Animal Farm comes to mind.

the WIZARD, fkap said...

Lee, you are totally correct.

the WIZARD, fkap said...

It's the damned intolerance that bothers me. We fight against the objectification of women, unless the woman disagrees with us, then she's a c--- and is sujected to the most vile and inhuman attacks.

Folks like Olbrrmann think this is funny. Real liberals need to stand up and say "no it's not.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

I agree with you that this woman shouldn't be attacked, ridiculed, etc.. And she should definitely be allowed her opinion. My only point is that the answer she gave (in addition to being politically correct) was poor. She started off by saying that, in America, WE CAN CHOOSE, only to conclude that we absolutely SHOULDN'T be allowed to. It was an illogical utterance and I personally would have docked her for it (not for her stance against gay marriage).

peggybundy said...

Great post.

Vigilante said...

Will Hart! Some one attacked her? Who? Let's you and me go get 'em! Defend her honor! Chivalry is not dead after all as long as you and me and Wizard are willing to stand up and defend a fair lady's honor!

K McKiernan said...

My problem is that currently in our culture, we make women feel that if they are not "hot" enough, sexy enough, pretty enough, they have no value. But, once they do exactly what we taught them to do/be, we tear them apart for being pretty, "hot", etc. Sure, Carrie is pretty (and shallow) and certainly can't complete a well informed, logical argument, but we go after her with such zest when really, she did exactly as she was taught... look really really good and answer the question with a perfect smile plastered.

Anyway... go read my blog. I haven't found time for months... until Tiller.