Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Red Sox Fans Won

What Happened in Massachusetts? How did Scott Brown win?

I can't believe that all the PROGRESSIVE bloggers, Tweeters, Pundits, Television Guru's and Washington Insiders can't see what every Boston Red Sox fan saw so very clearly.

The Red Sox Fans saw it clearly all the way back in August. They even held impromptu protest rallies. Real rallies with hand written signs and everything.

The Red Sox fans and the Oakland Fans and the Texas Ranger's fans and the Royals fans. And the Cleveland fans. The Baseball fans. The football fans. The hunters and the fishermen. All the people who live ordinary, non-political, lives. The workers. The housewives. The little people.

They did their level best to tell the President they adored what was going on. They held their rallies, small ones at first, and called 'em Tea Parties. These protesters called their Congress Persons. They wrote their newspapers. They appeared on FOX NEWS (sadly the only network that actually figured out what was going on).

But the President they loved, the President they voted for, wasn't listening. And Nancy Pelosi wasn't listening. Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews weren't listening. They actually made fun of these "little people." They belittled their efforts. Made fun of their misspellings and their homemade signs.

They accused these people of being dupes for big corporations, paid protesters or some such thing. This wasn't the least bit true.

Then Nancy Pelosi actually accused them of being traitors, enemies of Democracy. They same Nancy Pelosi who embraced and praised the Iraq war protesters, said these protesters were enemies of Democracy.

It started to get much worse as the Progressive bloggers led by the MSNBC trio of Olbermann, Maddow and Matthews began using a thinly veiled sexual slur, "Teabaggers" to characterise the efforts of these protesters to alert the President of the problems they so clearly saw. All Obama had to do was listen.

But, after several hundred thousand of them arrived in Washington to protest, Barack Obama claimed he knew absolutely nothing about them or their protest. He actually blamed FOX News for covering the event. And Obama banned FOX from Administration interviews.

It became obvious that the Democrats in Congress were not going to listen to them. The "peoples party" was ignoring the people.

Isn't it obvious what happened in Massachusetts? The Red Sox fans showed the Democrats who really was the boss.

Here's a fact we all need to remember: It is the Red Sox Fans who decide every election. They decided this one. They are the fabled INDEPENDENTS Scott Brown spoke of last night.

But it was EXACTLY those same INDEPENDENTS, those same Red Sox Fans who decided the Obama election. It was not the Progressives. And Coakley DID NOT LOSE because Progressives stayed home. Nope. Give credit where credit is due. It was the Red Sox Fans whose Scott Brown so deftly courted at Fenway Park in the icey cold of a Boston night.

Those Red Sox Fans were also the Tea Party protesters. They were the little people. They were everyman.

In the end the Independents were disappointed by Obama's biggest failure: TO CHANGE THE CLIMATE IN WASHINGTON and TO END BUSINESS AS USUAL. Obama PROMISED to usher in a new era of BIPARTISANSHIP. And he could have done that. Instead he turned his legislative agenda over to Nancy Pelosi, the most partisan (and the absolute WORST) House Majority Leader in History.

If Obama had done exactly as he promised and let every faction have a seat at the Health Care Reform table and then televised the negotiations, we wouldn't be here today.

If Obama had done as he promised and eliminated pork barrel spending and gone through the appropriations bill line by line, we wouldn't be here today.

Let's hope President Obama hears them now. And let's hope Obama stops taking advice from the far left Progressives and the bloggers and (heaven help us all) the IDIOT TRIO (Olbermann, Maddow and Matthews) over at MSNBC. These are the Pied Pipers who will lead our President over the cliff.

If President Obama decides to really play ball with Senator-elect Scott Brown, trust me, all the Red Sox Fans will cheer them both.


MadMike said...

I congratulate Scott Brown on his hard fought victory and his skill at waging a national campaign. Does it mean anything beyond the fact that his opponent was lazy, arrogant, and downright pompous? Nope. Not a thing.

Lee said...

I see a lot of blame the Democrat Spin coming from the left.

However, C E. Wright has eloquently expressed my view.

As a Conservative, I strongly urge MM and those on the left to discount any meaning from these election results and keep pushing that progressive agenda.

the WIZARD, fkap said...

I genuinely believe there are reasonable, intelligent liberals who haven't fallen into the trap of demonizing and dismissing every conservative. Coakley lost precisely because she isn't one of those rational liberals.

She's been characterized as arrogant and, indeed, she is. But she shares that mindset with John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi, and virtually every talking head over at MSNBC.

The tragedy is these so-called "progressives" are unable to think, unable to learn, unable to see the tsunami headed toward them.

I don't want a Republican takeover. I really want the Democrats to wake up. But they're just not listening to the people. They are doomed.

the WIZARD, fkap said...

Lee, Wright's article is simply brilliant. But, tragically, only a handful of liberals like myself will read it, let alone understand it. If Democrats hard the courage, the intellectualy honesty, the humility, to read and understand Wright, they could quite easily turn this around. Obama is still loved,still respected, still an American Dream.

But Lee, Don't worry, they won't.

Vigilante said...

"The Red Sox fans and the Oakland Fans and the Texas Ranger's fans and the Royals fans. And the Cleveland fans. "???

The real baseball fans of the authentic game in the National League lost.

The people who won were American League fans of 'pseudo-baseball, crypto-baseball, faux-baseball, 10-man baseball, where the designated hitter is used.

So it goes with corporate-based politics.

TRUTH 101 said...

Obama tried offering a seat at the table and the republicans en masse told him to stick health care reform.

I agree that he should have had everyone there and televised everything but then nobody would have showed up.

Lee said...

Bi-partisanship has not been attempted by this administration.

Unless you fall for Obama's definition.

Vigilante said...

Truth, next year for the SotU address, I think the Republicants should be left outside. They're not worth anything any way, contributing zilch to the process.

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