Thursday, October 25, 2012

Why I'm Disappointed in the News Media

I listened to National Public Radio's Morning Edition this morning as I do every morning.  What a superb news organization!  The news stories presented are in depth, thoughtful and thorough.  I'm convinced there isn't a finer news organization working today.


Today and all this week there hasn't been a single story about the most important new event since the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.  I'm referring, of course, to the 9/11 Anniversary attack on the  Consulate in Benghazi, Libya including the rape, torture and murder of our Libyan Ambassador AND the subsequent bizarre cover-up of events by a White House in the middle of an Election Year Crisis. 

This is a news worthy story. In fact there isn't a single story that even approaches this in terms of importance.  Yet there is no coverage.  No one on NPR is asking the important questions. No one is asking any questions.

This isn't a news blackout.  The New York Post ran the story on their front page.  There have been stories on CBS and ABC News.  And FOX NEWS has it properly positioned as the single most important story of this decade.

FOX NEWS ratings are going through the roof.  The public recognizes the importance of this story.  When the story is completely ignored by MSNBC and only minimally covered by CNN, the audience goes where they must to learn the facts.

Of course FOX NEWS is presenting this story with a distinctly Republican spin.  That makes the FAILURE of NPR and other major news organizations even more disturbing.  The public needs an objective, dispassionate and in depth look at the facts and the White House Spin.  NPR could do that.  But someone, somewhere high up in their news organization is blockading the story.  WHY?

The cheerleader news groups (MSNBC and FOX) do their loyal viewers no good by eliminating news unfavorable to their candidates.  Better they should face the bad news head on and over it properly.  But the other news outlets who claim to be unbiased really betray us all by covering up a story that they will eventually be forced to cover.  All they do is lose credibility by being late to the scene.


shoo said...

NPR has been in the bag for the left for as long as I can remember. They aren't rabid leftists like MSNBC: I would say they tilt left about as far as Fox News tilts right (and we are talking the news part of Fox, not the opinion shows).

I hope you saw the bombshell report from Fox today about the requests for assistance during the attack being denied by Washington. Something stinks to high heaven on this one, and everyone involved needs to be held responsible.

And once again Fox had to break it. Whatever happened to the hard-nosed reports who follow the story wherever it goes. It seems all the major media are happy to give this administration cover for everything. If this was a Republican President: Fast and Furious would have brought them down, and that is small potatoes compared to Benghazi.

Lee Kiester said...

Looks like CNN may be acting like journalists. Op Ed