Monday, May 21, 2007

In Support of the Bush Kennedy Immigration Bill

As I drove into work this morning, listening to G. Gordon Liddy on the local News-Talk Radio Station (the wonderful WKOZ in Kosciusko, Mississippi), I realized that the Bush-Kennedy compromise Immigration Reform Bill is Dead On Arrival.

As Libby implored his listeners to call their Senators to defeat the bill, they responded in massive force, often replaying the recorded conversations on the air. The mood was near hysteria.

Barack Obama, Ted Kennedy, John McCain and George Bush plus virtually every state's two Senators were in Liddy's crosshairs. Bullets were flying. And it obvious this was an organized effort that would be duplicated on every talk show all week long.

But a quick glance this morning to the left proved the opposition there was as tough and as motivated as the opposition on the right. And Hispanics, who might have been expected to support the bill, seem to be in no mood to compromise, either

While the right believes this bill is nothing short of amnesty, the left feels it is racist and cruel, destroying the families and futures of the people actually providing the support structure for the U.S. economy and society.

There appears no room for any compromise. No one is willing to listen. And our Senators, many of whom actually understand the problems and want a compromise, will be forced to take one side or the other under a mountain of pressure politics.

One caller this morning on Liddy's program felt this issue and the huge divide would actually lead to civil war.

And so the broken, dysfunctional and dangerous status quo will continue.

Here's a strange twist of fate..... President Bush.... you remember him, the stubborn President who never compromises and never listens to anyone.... is the only one willing to compromise.

The bill as proposed is a good bill. It is a reasonable compromise between border security and realism and fairness. The bill should pass. The bill would actually restore the order of law. The bill must pass.

Otherwise we actually might end up in civil war.

An intelligent discussion of the actual proposal is taking place over on
Obsidian Wings. Be sure to follow the links.




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