Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Barack Obama Will Never Leave Iraq

The Wizard gazes into his crystal ball.............

I had the day off from work today and had the opportunity to watch Hardball with Chris Matthews. I still find Matthews to be terribly unfair and his coverage of current political events to be blindly biased. That is a terrible shame, but it's completely beside the point.

My point is the exchange I've just watched today between Republican front runner (and virtually assured nominee) John McCain the Democrat front runner (and presumptive nominee) Barack Obama.

You can read a Associated Press news summary of the cross country debate here:
McCain, Obama Tilt Over al-Qaida in Iraq

All my regular readers (and we're now getting several hundred a day courtesy of
Blogburst and Little Green Footballs - Welcome Lizards!! Feel free to comment here or there) know that I've simultaneously endorsed BOTH John McCain and Barack Obama.

Regular readers also know
I've supported and endorsed the McCain/Bush surge in Iraq and strongly support our continued military presence in Iraq. I believe that even though we should NEVER have invaded Iraq, now that it's done, we must stay and build a free and open democracy in the middle east.

So how can I possibly support and endorse Obama for President? Simple. Barack Obama will never leave Iraq. And the proof comes from today's long distance debate.

John McCain, who will be a real opponent as compared to the weak and timid Hillary Clinton, quickly fired a shot across Obama's bow this morning (from the above sourced AP report)

McCain criticized Obama for saying in Tuesday night's Democratic debate that, after U.S. troops were withdrawn, as president he would act "if al-Qaida is forming a base in Iraq."

"I have some news. Al-Qaida is in Iraq. It's called `al-Qaida in Iraq,'" McCain told a crowd in Tyler, Texas, drawing laughter at Obama's expense. He said Obama's statement was "pretty remarkable."

The key element surrounding my confidence that Obama will not abandon Iraq came both in last night's debate with Clinton and in Obama's long distance reply to McCain today.

Obama quickly answered back while campaigning in Ohio. "I do know that al-Qaida is in Iraq and that's why I have said we should continue to strike al-Qaida targets," he told a rally at Ohio State University in Columbus.

McCain said he had not watched Tuesday night's Democratic presidential debate but was told of
Obama's response when asked if as president he would reserve the right to send U.S. troops back into Iraq to quell an insurrection or civil war.

Obama did not say whether he'd send troops but responded: "As commander in chief, I will always reserve the right to make sure that we are looking out for American interests. And if al-Qaida is forming a base in Iraq, then we will have to act in a way that secures the American homeland and our interests abroad."

On Wednesday, Obama expanded slightly that he "would always reserve the right to go in and strike al-Qaida if they were in Iraq" without detailing what kind of strike that might be—air, ground or both.

Our choice in November will not be between victory and defeat. There are two excellent candidates running. And Barack Obama is an intelligent man. It is entirely possible, even likely, that he can find a strong and secure negotiated settlement for the middle eastern crisis. But I don't believe he will simply "surrender."

Will the far left wing of American politics feel betrayed? Probably. But their dream of withdrawal is simplistic and naive.

American security will demand Obama take intelligent and measured steps in his withdrawal.

election will be a good one for America. Voter will be able to chose between two clear choices for our future in Iraq and for the war against Islamic fundamentalism. But the choice will be between two strong leaders.

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Boxy_Brown said...

"Our choice in November will not be between victory and defeat."

Oh yes, yes it will.

Barack Obama would be a disaster for Iraq and especially the united states. He has repeatedly said he would pull out regardless of events on the ground and at some point you need to take him at his word.