Tuesday, February 19, 2008

McCain Declares Obama the Winner

Yet another primary and yet another chance for the Wizard to observe and comment....

The really big news tonight from Wisconsin was not Obama's ninth primary win in a row, it was the McCain 'victory" speech delivered precisely at the peak of prime time viewing.

It was McCain's best crafted and best delivered speech so far. And, my friends, McCain is neither eloqent nor inspiring.

But McCain's speech did reveal that the McCain camp has come to realize that Barack Obama has effectively won the Democratic Party nomination for President and he will be the standard bearer this fall.

McCain's attack on Obama was sharp and perfectly delivered for repeated televison and newspaper sound bites: "I will work hard to make sure Americans aren't deceived by an eloquent but empty call for change."

The McCain camp is already sharpening the attack on Obama. Clinton was not even on McCain's radar.

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Vigilante said...

Yes, Wiz. And it was equally powerful that Obama has started campaigning against McCain. I wish he would do it more. It would help him dispatch HRC sooner.