Wednesday, July 16, 2008

It's dark in here... and smells kinda funny, too...

I remain stunned by the ongoing Presidential campaigns by both Barack Obama and John McCain. As Obama and McCain debate nearly meaningless differences in their strategies in Iraq and Afghanistan, both are simply missing in action on the disintegrating economy and the looming energy disaster.

While McCain does have a good plan and has articulated strong goals for energy self sufficiency, Obama has virtually nothing on his plate what-so-ever beyond mind numbingly silly alternative energy subsidies.

But McCain, who should be driving home his plan and the urgency of the crisis, is lost in the war zone of Iraq gotcha quotes.

Polls released today show that the economy is the most important issue according to 53% of the public, while concern about Iraq is down to a near term low of just 16%.

If any of you, dear readers, haven't figured out what will happen in Iraq and Afghanistan, let me illuminate you. We will withdraw many troops from Iraq and add troops to Afghanistan, regardless of who is elected President.

The real question needs to be will the United States emerge from the world wide energy crisis as a world leader or an aging, empty shell of a country.

We are importing 70% of our energy needs. 70%. And Democrats have STUPIDLY stopped 100% of all legislation that might produce domestic energy sources and avert this disaster.

The only proposal from the Democrats is to raid the Strategic Oil Reserve, a move all experts agree would have no impact on either supply or prices, but would seriously weaken the United States faced with a real supply disaster.

Why Obama, who has proven himself both nimble and bright on a dozen other issues, has allowed himself to be painted into a "let's do nothing to help today" mentality is puzzling. He has deftly moved to more reasonable and even pro-active positions on other issues.

We want Barack to be a John Kennedy style leader - visionary and brave, inspiring us to become a greater nation. He should rise to the occasion before him and develop a plan to move the United States to 100% ENERGY SUFFICIENCY by the end of his (second) term.

I'd like to issue a similar challenge to McCain, but, while he actually has a plan, I don't think he can focus on the issue, let alone inspire a nation.

So here we have our leaders with their heads in the sand.... or perhaps up their ..... while America slips into an energy driven recession.

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