Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Looming Energy Crisis

The enemy is at the gates. And yet it is the internal posturing and deception by politicians that will prove to be our undoing.

The video report below is fascinating. In addition to T. Boone Picken's testimony before Congress, it contains many facts on oil production that might come as a complete surprise to most Americans.

All these things are just more facts to consider while Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi continue to block every single move to begin even the smallest effort to reduce or energy dependency.

Republicans have offered more compromise than on any issue... perhaps ever. Republicans are fully endorsing T. Boone Pickens comprehensive approach to energy alternatives and logical oil drilling.

Rank and file Democrats are rightfully afraid that the brain dead Pelosi and the puppet Reid will actually grab defeat from the jaws of victory. The Democrat Party's intransigence on this issue could greatly reduce the Democrat's potential House and Senate victories in November and might.... might... even cost Barack Obama the election.

Never in my experience have I seen a political party take such an indefensible position on an issue without any logical reason except the desire to "win."

Here we have Nancy (Nero) Pelosi fiddling while Rome (America) burns


Vigilante said...

I hear you saying that Obama should be taking a "drill everywhere" position because it would sell well in the USA, whether or not it would measurably improve the price of gasoline.

MadMike said...

I am opposed to offshore drilling or drilling in ANWR when we should be concentrating on alternative energy sources, not oil. Secondly I agree that Obama could well lose the election as a result of the actions or inactions of the Congress. The thought of McCain backing into the Oval Office makes me ill.

Stella said...

OMG, Mike and Vig, please... Pardon me, it's hurling time...

In California, AG Jerry Brown is going after the EPA. There's a petition to sign against the EPA about California emission control being overturned by the stupid Feds and many anti-coastal drilling petitions.

Sign one, sign them all.

the WIZARD, fkap said...

Vigilante, It's a much bigger issue than just the price of gasoline.

While there is absolutely no doubt that increased drilling would reduce gasoline prices somewhat, the real key is that we can and MUST begin to seek out full energy independence.

This means much more than drilling, including greatly increased CAFE standards, the full scale development of alternative energy source and new conservation standards.

Obama SHOULD be the VISIONARY that develops such a plan. And he must, if he wants to win.

It's time for a leader.