Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Death of a Nation

It's tragic that the Olympics, a shining symbol of peace and equality of men and nations, is being over shadowed by Russia's invasion of Georgia and the death of that fledgling democracy.

Our eyes have turned from the sports coverage and are glued to CNN and FOX NEWS as we watch in fear and horror as
Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin gobble up one country and prepare to invade another.

Their actions are eerily reminiscent of Hitler's first forays into eastern Europe. Once Hitler learned the west was impotent, full of bluster and rhetoric, but short on real action, he felt free to build his European Empire.

Does Putin now feel secure to rebuild the Russian Empire?

Putin's timing is flawless. The U.S. President is a lame duck with only 5 months left in office. The U.S. citizenry are fully distracted by the electoral process, resplendent with our own bluster and rhetoric, with both candidates totally impotent until next January, 2009.

By January, 2009 the world's landscape will likely have changed forever.


Stella said...

Putin: the Russian Cheney. I can't turn my head in apathy, and appreciate your post(s). Thanks, Wizard.

Ingrid said...

Wizard, there is a whooole lot more than meets the eye..I would suggest turning of the news and browsing around some more online as you'll find a whole lot more background info than anywhere else that's on the MSM. At any rate, just wanted to give my two cents.. I was actually 'lured' by your 'ya'll' on Utah Savage and as I discovered a fellow commenter to also live in Central TX I thought, man, what are the odds? so that was my curiosity that made me come over here..

have a good night ya'll..


Vigilante said...
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Vigilante said...

Yeah, Wiz, I'm sickened too, by this tragedy. The pathos is too deep for me to watch it on TV.

I think the optimal outcome we can hope for is to save Georgia minus the three Soviet - I mean Russian - enclaves. And Mikheil "Misha" Saakashvili, too. The chap looks to be a decent guy. Even though, as you say, he has acted foolishly. But just, as Putin says, because regime change is an American term, I don't think we should encourage its general acceptance.

Stella said...

Good news? It would seem that Russia is pulling out of Georgia: Russia's president promised to start withdrawing forces from positions in Georgia on Monday, but suggested they could stay in the breakaway region at the heart of the fighting that has reignited Cold War tensions.

One of the issues is the slowness with which the Russians intend to withdrawal. The situation remains questionable.

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