Friday, August 21, 2009

Destroying America $1 at a Time

I really, really, really hate political parties. Every one of them! They all have a requirement that you check your brain at the door and absolutely prohibit the use of common sense.

Republican. Democrat. Libertarian. Green Party. Just support the party. Follow the party line. Shut up. Don't think. And don't care. Just help the home team "win," whatever-the-hell that means.

The White House
today admitted what everyone on earth with the exception of the entire Democrat Party already knew: the deficit will reach a staggering and totally unsustainable $9,000,000,000,000.00 (Nine Trillion Dollars) over the course of what President imagines will be his Presidency.

The sad truth is that he will never serve two terms as President. The even sadder truth is that the United States as we know it will not exist in 8 years. And the mindless Democrats are cheerfully spending the country into bankruptcy and beyond. They don't give a single thing they are doing a second thought. Mindless Republicans certainly started the spending, but today oppose it without having the slightest idea why. They just oppose the Democrats.

The Chinese and nervous, but relatively gleeful. They control our fate. They hadn't really planned on owning the best real estate in the Western Hemisphere, but with prices this low, they just can't pass up the deal. It's a world wide versions of "cash for clunkers," and we Americans are the clunkers.

So, with the bankruptcy of Medicare and Social Security just a few years away and default on the National Debt to follow quickly, the Zombies in the House and Senate debate a Health Care Program they cannot possibly pay for.

Sarah Palin was right! There is a Death Panel! It's the US Congress and they're planning the Death of a Country.


Lee said...

Wizard he is going to pay for all this with spending cuts.

Lee said...

"Fascism is where the private sector still owns what it owns, but the politicians run it -- and fascism is exactly what we're getting under Barack Obama." R Limbuagh

Stella by Starlight said...

Wizard and Lee, you know how much I like you both. But here's my two cents: Sarah Palin is a horrible and anti-woman. Rush Limbaugh is an ass. Anyone who smokes cigars that big is making a special kind of statement.

I consider Cheney a true fascist. At least George Bush was honest or guileless enough to state that "Democracy is a mess" straight out. I have to agree with him, but Democracy is a good mess.

The previous administration had far more fascist markers than the current one. When the GOP has control, the Dems cry "fascist." When the Dems have control, the GOP cries "Fascist."

This name-calling reminds me of kindergarten. Perhaps we could all grow up, stop name calling, consider each issue separately.

As a native Californian I loathed Reagan as governor AND president, but I wish someone would have the guts to state, "I don't know what to tell these people: this country's in a terrible mess."

And it's true no matter on which side of the aisle you sit.