Monday, August 03, 2009

The Town Hall Meetings of No

I've been researching the House versions of the proposed Health Care Reform and I can only say I'm appalled. In fact, I'm sickened. I need health care.

It is clear that compromise is dead. It is clear that bipartisanship is dead. It is clear that honesty, honor, and candor are on their respective death beds.

I had hoped for Universal Health Care this year. We need it and we deserve it and we can afford to do it. Alas, it's my own party, the Democrats, that has killed it. Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama have performed an abortion that was unnecessary.

When you set out to lie to the American people, to pull the wool over their eyes, you can only succeed for so long. President Obama wanted quick approval of a bill he hoped would be hidden from the light of day. Thank the gods he has failed.

The American people are not stupid. We are trusting and we are slow to learn. We want to believe. But the bill in the House of Representatives is a Trojan horse, convoluted, complex and duplicitous. It doesn't do any of the things Democrats and President Obama promised. It will destroy the current American Health Care System. It's sad.

You can only lie to the American People so many times before you get caught. And now the Dems have been caught red handed. And they are paying the price. Below are just two of dozens of examples, with more to come.

The tragedy is that this horrific lie will likely kill all chances of Universal Health Care.

I lay 100% of the blame at President Obama's feet. If he had told the truth, if he had genuinely allowed a bipartisan bill to emerge, Universal Health Care could have become a reality.

Now we can only hope the bipartisan efforts in the Senate can save the bill. It's a slim chance. If you don't believe me, replay the above video and the dozens like it from all across America.


Lee said...

You really were the voice in the desert for this Administration Wiz. Time after time you have nailed the true issue.

Boy oh boy how I wish you had been wrong...

The Sad thing is we need jobs, we need a good energy plan, we need common sense environmental policy, we need a healthcare system that keeps costs true.

As I have stated before:
We deserve to know what any bill and its Add-On's will do.
We need a government thats is open and transparent.
We need the government be accountable and make it "impossible" for Congressmen to slip in pork barrel projects.
End closed door meetings where laws are written, Have transcripts that are open to the public.
Give We the People 5 days to look at a bill.
No Secrecy! We will know what is in it.
And put every pork barrel project online.

Or am I just too progressive on that?

Vigilante said...

Let's just turn the country over to mob rule.

the WIZARD, fkap said...

Vigilante, I was surprised and, frankly, extremely puzzled by your comment until I heard it, virtually vebatim, on Rachel Maddow's show last night.

This is pure bulls**t! Mob rule? Pure nonsense. The crowds were passionate, but hardly out of control or even unruly. This is nowhere near the kind of large, civil unrest or lawbreaking activity we see at every G8 Conference or virtually every political convention. There is no rioting in the streets.

Watch the whole videos, not just the 15 second editing on MSNBC. Questions are asked and answered (or not answered as the case may be). Generally the questions are logical, well reasoned and necessary. The absolute height of the protest is some chanting.

Mob rule? You need to get out more.

MadMike said...

The few that showed up at the Town Hall Meetings were the vocal minority. It was part of an organized effort by the Right to distract from the issues at hand. As to bipartisanship I fault the president for continuing to seek it. I am sick and tired of the Party of No and I believe we need to shut them out completely. You know what I mean. Shut them out like they shut out the minority party, the Democrats, after gaining the majority in 1994.

Finally I agree completely with Vigilante. It is mob rule at these meetings. The Republicans are desperate. They see the defeat of Universal Health Care as a defeat for the president and this is their goal. They care nothing about the people or about the need for the United States to join the rest of the world in providing health care for all of its citizens. Health care will pass. It will not pass the way I want, which would be real Universal Health Care, or, Socialized Medicine for you Righties. I am tired of paying the insurance companies, the doctors, the hospitals, the pharmacies and etc. I want the government running the show. It could not get worse, only better.

Lee said...

Wow, MM your really fringe now? Seeing conspiracy from the same group you see in shambles?

I am thinking if you see that as Mob rule you have never been to a town hall meeting. Or you see passionate viewpoints that disagree with your own as a threat. Unlike you and Vig, I think Freedom is important.

Exactly how can the Republicans stop ANY vote? Give the histrionics a rest please. I see stopping the government take over of healthcare as the ultimate caring for We the People. The actual health care cost controls we need are not Obamacare.

Yet you continue to see the Government as some shining light of free hand outs. It is seriously like your a stepford wife. Has your critical thinking portion of your mind been compromised?

And it could get A LOT worse. It could be like the Indian reservation care, VA Care, Canadian Care or UK care. Talking about not caring about the people.

It strike me that you have an authoritarian nationalist political ideology. Maybe a country like ours is not in your best interest?

MadMike said...

Lee once again you speak not from wisdom but from the other side of the spectrum. We could be so fortunate as to have health care like Canada or the UK. Now don't argue with me about the UK. I hold dual citizenship, have a lot of family there, and have traveled extensively. It is an outstanding system and the people love it. My Canadian friends, and I have quite a few, also love their system of health care and wouldn't trade it for ours under any circumstances. As a matter of fact they feel sorry for us. I want more government! I love the government. I worked and fought for our government. I love it. Love it. Love it....Down with the Right! Off with their heads!!

Vigilante said...

Mike, these GOP clunkers are afraid of being turned in for a huge rebate in the form of huge savings on our national health system. Only the very rich and the very moronic (who show up to do their bidding at town meetings) support the low-mileage system we have. These are the people who wonder where the sun goes at night.

MadMike said...

Have you been spending time with Johnny Walker Wizard? I didn't get that my friend.

Lee said...

Yeah, MM having a UK citizenship means facts about the UK system doesnt matter

So you support government over people. Gotcha.

MadMike said...

The government is the people Lee. But I wouldn't expect you to understand that.

Lee said...

Thank you again for proving my point MM.

Lee said...

Hey Wiz. Let us know if SoMMeone informs on you