Saturday, June 12, 2010

BP Spills Coffee

This video has gone viral so I'm betting you've already seen it somewhere else. Still it's funnier than having to discuss the real events and issues. So here goes:

Someone mentioned the only thing curiously missing from the video is the government.

Errr..... No. What you see here is pretty much correct. The Federal Government has been essentially missing in action on this one, as anyone actually down here on the coast can tell you. And the absence of any intelligent Federal response has allowed Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal to become a folk hero.

It is tragic that this event has developed in slow motion. Even today President Obama and the folks in Washington do not understand the magnitude of the destruction that has taken place, both to the environment and to the gulf coast economy.


Oso said...

Sadly,I must agree. I don't know whether Obama's initial action was lacking. What I do believe is the president's track record in responding to major domestic issues (HCR,finreg reform) is not good;neither is his apparent belief that all our foreign policy lacked was impressive speeches in visited countries.

This is a tragic, horrible situation and I am in despair as it continues to unfold.

Oso said...

esthermelvin,I'm afraid we must agree to disagree.

songsong like, you make some valid points.