Monday, August 01, 2011

Not One Ounce of Moral Courage

The bashing of the Tea Party by angry and frustrated Democrats continued this afternoon as the House prepared to vote on raising the nation’s debt limit combined with a smidgen of possible future spending cutbacks. It's all theater for a gullible audience. And it's all pure bullshit.

I am an unabashed liberal and Democrat, but I have no sympathy for the Congresspersons or Vice President Biden who remain incapable of telling the truth. As I stated in my last entry, any 2nd grader who has learned to add and subtract can quickly figure out that 375 is greater than 60.

Today's classroom Dunce Award must be shared by Representative Mike Doyle and Vice President Joe Biden who can't figure out this simple math. Both are screaming at the top of their lungs to any passing television or radio reporter that "The Tea Partiers are Terrorists".

If there even are 60 of the so-called Tea Party Terrorists, it would only take about 40 Democrats with a single ounce of moral courage to walk across the aisle and negate their power. The small, yet courageous, Tea Party Caucus has only the power to provide cover for the very large, yet very cowardly, Democrat Party.

You see the Democrats blame the Tea Party for being unwilling to do EXACTLY what the entire Democrat Party was unwilling to do: bend their principles to negotiate in good faith an end to this crisis. What Vice President Biden and Mike Doyle wanted was for the Republicans to pass a balanced and moderate bill, all by themselves, without a single Democrat vote. The bill was always there, within Democrats grasp, if they came to the table and compromised. Dems could have frozen the tea party out. But they didn't.

Now, to be certain, the Tea Party did win emerge victorious. At least a little. But it was always a David versus Goliath battle. The Dems were Goliath, afraid to ever use their size and strength. The Tea Party never even had to unholster their slingshot. Goliath was hiding under the table and never entered the field of battle.

Maybe next year, in the few districts we still control, we Democrats can vote with people with the same level of courage as the Tea Partiers.


Vigilante said...

Wizard, my old fellow Unitarian buddy: You are still trafficking in politics as opposed to policies.

I can understand why you chose to write about politics and duck the issue of policies. When you look at the policy options which face the American people you see on one hand policies which offer them a future at best and, at worse, a fruitful way forward for the next half dozen years; and OTOH, a path that leads us in the direction of becoming the world's largest banana republic. That the putative political leaders of the American people cannot make the obvious, non-rocket science decision, fills me with revulsion and disgust. That's why I haven't been blogging much these days, neither in my pages nor on yours.

If I were to lapse into a political statement it would be to say all Republicans are brainless and ignorant clowns and that most Democrats (Obama included) are gutless and castrated eunuchs. These extremely mediocre political 'leaders' may fully deserve each other. But I want to think you and I deserve better.

the WIZARD, fkap said...

I'm guilty as charged. I lapse into politics because I continue to be amazed that the simple and obvious solutions to our problems are avoided like the plague by the beltway barrons.

You and I certainly agree on that.

Thanks for stopping by.