Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Paul Ryan, Washington DC's Lone Adult

Over on the Democratic Party side of Washington, DC there was rejoicing in a new PPP Poll that showed when the public was made aware of Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney's arguable mistreatment of his dog Seamus, over 28 years ago, Romney's approval rating tanked.

Seriously, my Liberal and Progressive friends on Tiwtter are simply giddy with excitement.  Leave it to Mitt Romney's dog to sniff out a path to Obama's victory.

Our future is now safe.

Meanwhile, on planet Earth, Representative Paul Ryan has prepared and proposed the most realistic, bold and brilliant budget in the last 20 years.  To do what Ryan has done takes thought, analysis, honesty and courage.  And no polling.

Ryan will be savaged by Democrats who deserve no place in government, cowards and liars, manipulators and pollsters who will not only allow our country to fail, but will ride Seamuss into the very gates of hell.

One does not need to agree with Ryan's every idea, but he should be held in high regard for discussing the real issues of our economy and our exploding debt.

Democrats have failed to produce a budget for three years and they've already signaled that will fail to do so again.  It's so much easier to criticize than to propose ideas and stand behind them. And that's the Democrat plan.

Here are just a few lines from the Washington Post Story linked here and above

House Republicans laid down a bold but risky election-year marker Tuesday, unveiling a budget proposal that aims to tame the national debt by reshaping Medicare and cutting deeply into Medicaid, food stamps and other programs for the poor, while reshuffling the tax code to sharply lower rates.

Congressional Republicans plan to use the document to demonstrate their willingness to tackle the nation’s difficult fiscal problems head-on. They argue that restraining future borrowing is a moral imperative and that entitlement programs for the elderly and the poor must be redrawn both to reduce red ink and to ensure that federal benefits continue to be available. 

The proposal, authored by Budget Chairman Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), calls for spending cuts and tax changes that would put the nation on course to wipe out deficits and balance the budget by 2040. The national debt would continue to rise but would shrink to the historic norm as a percentage of an expanding economy.

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Chris said...

The worst thing is that Ryan's plan, while laudable as a step in the right direction, will not achieve its goal for almost thirty years.

And that's described as "risky". We are well and truly effed.