Wednesday, March 07, 2012

The War On Conservative Women

STORY ONE: Michelle Malkin: The war on conservative women

STORY TWO: B. Daniel Blatt: Where was liberal outrage when female Republicans were slurred?

I have no problem with outrage or passion. I rarely condemn hate speech, as is obvious from my last two blog entries.  Instead I've been merely pointing out that one side's "hate speech" is often the other side's "careful analysis of the facts" or "instructive discourse."

What has me upset is the selective call for civil discourse from the left when they are by far the worst purveyors of horrific, outrageous and slanderous hate speech.  In my experience the right is often measured, logical and fair in their criticism, refraining from hyperbole.

Let me be clear. Rush Limbaugh was guilty of extreme over-the-top slander and hyperbole, but he is the exception.  But I've not condemned Limbaugh and I've not condemned Ed Schultz and I've not condemned Bill Maher.  They all have points they were attempting to make.

By the way, Maher took to Twitter yesterday to defend Rush Limbaugh. Kudos to Bill Maher for that.  You can follow Maher on Twitter at

But, if you dare to read them, the two above referenced articles will make your skin crawl. The decumented hate speech by well known, major Liberal, Progressive and Democratic personalities is stunning.  And it's simply never condemned. 

I'm outraged by President Obama's press conference yesterday where he used his daughters as justification to attack Rush Limbaugh then, later in the same press conference, had the gall to say he “didn’t want to get into the business of arbitrating” language and civility.  This, of course, prevented the reporter from asking the obvious follow-up question, "Will you condemn similar hate speech on the left?"

I'm a Democrat and a pretty far left liberal.  The chances of my voting for President Obama in 2012 are damned near close to zero.  


Bob Keller said...

Politicians left and right are working overtime to never criticize the misogyny and hate speech coming from their allies, while condemning in the harshest terms the (usually identical) hate speech coming from their opponents.

But the parsing of hate speech (i.e. "your guy's hate speech was worse than my guy's hate speech") in now just getting silly.

SEE: CNN Contributor Argues Limbaugh's Remark was Worse than Maher's

Lee Kiester said...

This Hot Air item is a nice bookend to your posting. Bill Maher victim of War on Women.