Monday, April 08, 2013

Walgreens: Capitalism May Yet Rescue Americans From Obamacare

Capitalism is doing what it does best: finding and filling the voids between supply and demand.  And, let's be honest, The Affordable Care Act, or ObamaCare has more voids than a black hole.

We are mere months away from losing the two things President Obama said we could keep under ObamaCare: our doctors and our insurance.  Both will soon be gone.  Our insurance will be replaced by a significantly more expensive model guaranteeing care most Americans neither want or need.  Meanwhile, our doctors are either retiring or being placed in the untenable position of seeing far more patients that he or she can possibly manage.

But your local drug store, Walgreens, is coming to our rescue! They are going to take over a significant portion of Primary Care at low cost, affordable rates.  Of course you won't see a doctor, but will see either a nurse practitioner or a physician's assistant (whatever that might be) who will diagnose illness, prescribe medicines and order additional tests, x-rays, etc.  Somewhere out in the cloud, probably right next to your mp3's, will be a real medical doctor that will oversee and review the actions of these first caregivers.

This is all actually quite a good thing.  The biggest beneficiary will be Hospital Emergency Rooms.  At a tiny fraction of the cost, people, especially the uninsured, will receive treatment for most minor illnesses that they previously couldn't receive outside of emergency rooms.

And, let's face it, the rest of us will get care for chronic illnesses we won't be able to receive from our previous doctor.

Walgreen's will benefit by filling most of the prescriptions they prescribe and they will be paid between $65.00 and $135.00 per visit.  Some of that cost may or may not end up being paid by the insurance policy you will be forced by law to obtain.

This is good.  At least until my fellow government loving liberals decide that they simply cannot allow a "Company" to make a profit off people's illnesses.

I for one, would prefer to get medical care from Walgreen's rather than the a medical version of the DMV.

Here is a review of the Walgreen's Announcement from Kaiser Health News: Walgreens Becomes 1st Retail Chain To Diagnose, Treat Chronic Conditions

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