Wednesday, April 10, 2013

With Love & Affection to All The Sarah Palin Haters Out There

I have many friends and readers who really, really, really, really dislike Sarah Palin.  Their dislike is so intense it can only be called hate.  Their view of Sarah is colored by this intense hatred so deeply they actually are unable to even understand what she says, writes or believes.

To make matters much, much worse, they actually do believe they understand her.  They believe she is a grandstanding, money grubbing, fool and everything she says and does is strictly for her own profit. They simultaneously believe she is a bumbling fool and a Machiavellian genius and they see no conflict in these opposing views.

They are all horribly wrong.  She is neither.  She actually is a bright, thoughtful conservative voice and her words and opinions bear thoughtful review.  She speaks for millions of Americans, Americans who understand her perfectly.  And these people are no fools, either.

You need not agree with her to appreciate her talent, her wisdom and her eloquence.  As Liberals we ought to be impressed and consider her words carefully, not casually dismiss and deride her.

The above post from her Facebook Page bears a lot of thought, for she is spot on correct.

This post was in response to Melissa Harris-Perry's now famous MSNBC spot   I'm a huge Melissa Harris-Perry fan and watch her show whenever possible.  Harris-Perry's primary point in her ad was that we need to invest in our children's education and we most certainly need to do just that.  Here is the infamous Harris-Perry Ad:

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But the underlying message Ms Harris-Perry made misunderstands the very fabric of American Society.  And many American's reacted very negatively to the Orwellian Animal Farm Group Think Collective Ms Harris-Perry seemed to advocate.  I know I reacted negatively and I'm a Harris-Perry fan!

Sarah Palin's response at the very top of this page is nothing short of brilliant.  Sadly, I'm willing to bet not one of my Liberal Friends will even get Palin's point, but they'll be quick to claim Palin missed Harris-Perry's point.  Such is the sad state of dialog in our country today.


Chris said...

I don't know what you see in her, because everything she said in that ad is incorrect.

Lee Kiester said...

Sarah is inspirational. From her stopping questionable political decisions and taking on oil companies for the people of Alaska to accepting a less than enthusiastic vice presidential running spot from the Rino McCain machine.

Staying classy despite all the attacks from the left.

Her Ad is so spot on and quite the media tweak, right there with drinking a Big-Gulp a CPAC.

Bob Keller said...

Lee, It's such a shame that the left can't see that, they are so busy tearing her down.