Saturday, November 04, 2006

Joe Barton Reclaims the Number 1 Spot

Just a short note to bring our modern day Greek tragedy to a close.

After three painful days, John Kerry reluctantly apologized to the American troops and public. No doubt he did it under great pressure from his fellow Democrats.

Although the press, especially the political cartoonists, are still have a little fun at Kerry's expense, this little drama has drawn to a close.

The Wordsmith from Nantucket has a swiftboat load of Kerry cartoons.

With Kerry's apology, Congressman Joe Barton (R-TX) is restored to his rightful spot and the dumbest politician in America. And Ken Mehlman, Republican Party Chairman, is back up to number 2. See the original article
Representative Joe Barton and Republican Stupidity for the full story.

There is a point here.... The Democrat and his party apologized (even if under pressure), the Republicans haven't.

O.K, I admit Barton's position is at least marginally defensible and Kerry was just behaving stupidly. Still, instead of rejoicing at Kerry's downfall, the Republican's could really learn a lesson here......




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