Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Astrologists call it a convergence of the stars. An alignment of the planets that will control the fate of men. Such is the path of John Kerry, Don Imus and Joe Barton.

It's like a Greek tragedy.

And our doomed hero is John Kerry. And the tragedy, like many Greek tragedies revolves around hubris. Ego and pride goeth before a fall.

Or, to update the story for the 21st Century, we can simply and accurately say that there simply isn't a politician alive that is as stupid as John Kerry.

A clearly panicked Kerry called Don Imus, unannounced, this morning. And Don Imus, a great friend and supporter of John Kerry, gave Kerry every chance to clear the deck and issue and simple, brief and mild apology to the military, veterans and their families for Kerry's (possibly) inadvertent and (possibly) misinterpreted remarks on Monday.

And Kerry almost, sort of, tried. Well, not really. Kerry just couldn't and wouldn't do it.

I'm hoping we can have video (or at least audio) later today. ***UPDATE - HERE IT IS ****

Don Imus actually begged Kerry to apologize. It was embarrassing. It was like watching a train wreck in slow motion.

Finally when Kerry clearly wasn't going to apologize, Imus begged him to not campaign for anyone, except Republican (and Imus nemesis) Joe Barton.

    "I did everything I could possibly do to get John Kerry to dig himself out of the hole.... But Senator Kerry.... I just don't know. This is another expample of people being misserved by their staff. It's just idiotic."

    "John, please go down and campaign for Joe Barton."





Anonymous said...

Dear Wizard,

No one is waving the white flag yet; and no Republicans are running victorious through city streets. But you are right to be sad, and disappointed. I don't like John Kerry (I recently became a Republican [we'll see how long that lasts]), and even I am sad. It is just all so foolish -- his botched joke, his botched apology, the exploitation of a mistake, the media circus, Kerry's continued recalcitrance -- all of it turns the stomach sour.

I happened to be listening to Imus this AM when Mr. Kerry came on. Imus did everything but outright apologize for him on the behalf of all humans. The You Tube link is helpful, but it does not show Imus throughout his program perseverating on Kerry's inability to take responsibility for his words with a tiny drop of contrition.

It is an October surprise. A very weird one.

Good luck, and don't despair. The only justification for despair is if we find out that this is all life really has to offer.



Vigilante said...

Not being a television aficionado, I am aware I must be missing out on a lot of excitement. But this fixation on Kerry is, frankly, puzzling. JFK II is history, afterall. The problem facing all of us Americans (Republicans, Democrats, and publicrats) is making Bush II, history.

Anonymous said...

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