Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Hos and Hypocrisy

I'm deeply troubled by the seeming hypocrisy in the media and in the world of entertainment over the Don Imus quote.

The first shoe has just dropped as it has just been
announced that MSNBC has made the decision to terminate Don Imus from the MSNBC schedule. I believe CBS will soon echo that decision.

In light of all that has gone on, I recommend that you read Michelle Malkin's dogged, determined and thorough research into the world of "Bitches, Niggas and Hos."

WARNING BEFORE YOU PROCEED! The language used in Malkin's post is about the most vile, disgusting and hateful you will ever read. And every word of it was written, not by Malkin, but by the urban contemporary Rap and Hip Hop stars who dominate the charts today. This is the music today's youth are drowning in.

Every word is from a music track being played this instant in the community where you live!

The language used to describe women and the overt abuse of women in this music makes Imus literally look like a saint! And while he got fired, these stars earn millions and win Grammy's.

Doesn't anybody besides me realize this is a double standard that turns every moral imperative on its head.

And, while I'm on a rant, let me tell you of my disappointment at the one sided actions of CBS Board member, and former NAACP President, Bruce Gordon. Gordon is on every venue
calling for Imus to be fired from CBS radio. And yet CBS Radio owns about 180 radio stations. Nearly half of these stations play the music (the exact songs with the exact words) Malkin profiles in her blog.

Gordon states, "We must have a zero tolerance policy."

If Gordon had one ounce of moral integrity in his body he would DEMAND CBS IMMEDIATELY REMOVE ALL THIS MUSIC FROM EVERY CBS STATION. Is Gordon avoiding the issue and protecting the "integrity" of black music artists? Gordon has the power. Gordon has the moral authority. If Bruce Gordon spoke, the Hip Hop community would listen.

Or does "zero tolerance" only apply to middle aged white disk jockeys?

Here is the link to Malkin's blog entry into the musical landscape of hit radio:
Imus vs. the Billboard Hot Rap Tracks Chart

Read it and weep.




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Vigilante said...

Right! A pox on all of their houses! Good rant, Wizard.