Friday, April 06, 2007

Turning the Other Cheek

A rather marvelous Easter essay has been written by Australian newspaper columnist, liberal and admitted agnostic, Andrew Bolt.....

We live in a society, founded on Christian principles, that guards our right to speak, and even to abuse things we should praise.

We can now vilify Jesus and damn priests, and risk nothing but hard looks from a soft bishop, and a job offer from The Age.

We dare all that because we do not actually fear what we condemn. We know Christians are taught not to punch our smarmy face, and we even count on it. Indeed, it is the very faith we mock that has made us so safe.

This is one reason why I, an agnostic, will today do what I do every Easter, and play Bach’s divine St Matthew Passion while I sit for a while and give thanks.

I will be thanking again not only a preacher of astonishing moral clarity and courage, but one who inspired a faith that has brought us unparalleled gifts – including the freedom to create even a chocolate Jesus in this most holy of weeks.

Read the entire essay here: Column - Kinder to our Christians. It's well worth your time to stop and think this Easter about a rather unexpected and often unnoticed gift of our shared judeo-christian heritage.

Naturally WiZARD RADIO will be playing Bach's St. Matthew Passion, Handel's Messiah, and a treaseure of contemporary and traditional Easter and Passover music from Gregorian Chant to Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber's Jesus Christ Superstar.




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