Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The Ugliest American

"It is not worth another drop of American blood in Iraq."

Senator Harry Reid (D-NV)

Harry Reid's position is crystal clear. No more American Blood can be spilled in Iraq. Period.

Sadly, Senator Reid doesn't actually care if Iraqi blood is spilled. Drops? Pints? Quarts? Gallons? Rivers? He simply doesn't care.

Senator Harry Reid values American blood above all others.

Outcomes are of no interest to Senator Reid.

He doesn't care who rules Iraq in the future. He says that is up to the Iraqi's. In Senator Reid's fantasy world, if Americans leave, the entire world will take a hands off position on Iraq.

In the Harry Reid land of Oz, only a few hundred thousand will perish in a civil war. And Iraqi's deserve a civil war. It's their god given right.... errr.... Allah given right.

In Harry Reid's poppy field on the road to the Emerald City, Glenda, the good witch, will prevent al Qaeda or Iran or Turkey from intervening in the sectarian slaughter.

But in the real world, it is worse than naive to think no regional power won't step in and impose their will on the Iraqi state in the vacuum left by the American withdrawal.

But no American blood will be spilled. That is, after all, all that counts.

Senator Reid doesn't care if the Sunnis or Shiites or Iranians or al Qaede or Syria or Turkey or the Principality of Monte Carlo rules Iraq. It's all OK.

Harry is quite positive there will be no breeding ground for future terrorists. After, Harry will continue to fund fighting those silly terrorists over in Afghanistan. And those terrorists, they are so stupid. They certainly won't flee to the absolute safety of oil rich Iraq, where Senator Reid would prohibit pursuit.

Senator Reid certainly doesn't care if he betrays the Iraqi people. He doesn't care if millions of Iraqi's have their hopes and dreams of democracy shattered. After those false hopes were all promised by President Bush. How could those stupid Iraqi's have possibly believed an American President.

Bush lied about WMD. Those stupid Iraqi's must have known he was lying about helping them achieve Democracy

March of next year. Stick to the timetable.

Of course the Iraqi women will suffer the most.

Now, if the Iraqi women are really blessed, the resulting state will look a lot like Iran. Sadly it's terribly unlikely that women will have many, if any, rights.

I certainly hope Senator Reid doesn't support a woman's right to choose! Since they will likely be prohibited from choosing a husband, it's really unlikely that will be able to chose abortion.

You see, in Harry Reid's mind, abortion is a right only promised to American women. They have the sacred American blood. Women of Iraq have no rights.

In Iran women are unable to attend sporting events, like soccer. They are generally forbidden to go outside without the company of a male relative. They must be covered in veils or burkas. New laws prohibit women from walking on the same sidewalks as men.

In Iran, if a woman is raped, she is given ninety lashes and a lecture by a judge telling her to be grateful she wasn't put to death. Her rapists often go free.

But it might be worse, it could be like Afghanistan under the Taliban. Then women would be forbidden to have a educations, vote or receive any medical care.

Of course the current freedom of the press will be lost. Satellite television will be banned. In Iran it is illegal to listen to western music. The Internet is censored or blocked.

And, one thing is astonishingly clear, Senator Reid doesn't care if the Middle East is unstable. Nope. The timetable is all that matters. Out by next March. Out. Out. OUT.

That an American withdrawal might lead to regional war really doesn't matter to the Senator from Nevada.

It is now tragically clear to me why we cannot get Senator Reid to support even the slightest effort to aid the people of Darfur.

If you are unwilling to keep peacekeepers in Iraq in a role that shows such great promise (according to the ultra liberal National Public Radio), why would you engage in a mission in Darfur where the real risks are great.

Senator Reid is crystal clear.

My guess is that in Senator's Reid's accounting ledger, four hundred thousand (400,000) Darfurian deaths are not worth a single drop of American blood.



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Vigilante said...

Wizard, I don't know how many times I've tried to persuade you: it's not the solution to the world's ills to send in the Cavalry or the USMC. That's not the role of our armed srvices to save Tibet, Somalia, Iraq, Persians, Afghanistan,, or Darfur.

On the last case, why don't you post a big old long column on boycotting the Chinese Olympics? The Chinese are the major benefactor of the Sudan.

the WIZARD, fkap said...

vigilante, my friend, Thank you for stopping by this Easter's eve.

The role of our foreign policy has always been and should always be multifaceted. It must include negotiation, financial and economic actions, political actions and, on occasion, military assistance.

The world is a complex place and the solutions are very complex. Harry Reid's solution is horrifically simplistic and will doom the people of Iraq, most likely the people of Afghanistan and, possibly, all of the middle east.

Having a US "isolationist strategy" is always wrong and always ultimately fatal.

As to Darfur, I have a huge post in the wings for early next week. But please note I have already written an extremely "long old column" on the potential of the boycott of the Chinese Olympics back on March 24th (before your first note to me on April 3rd) in my entry Marching Through Hell.

But, not to worry, I'll be discussing it again.

Warmest Unitarian Christian wishes to you during this season of hope and renewal.

Vigilante said...

Right back at you, Pal. Warmest regards. Sorry to read about Internet Radio.... Not sure I understand it, but I feel your pain.