Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Up All Night

Reuters reports:

"With cots, pillows and pleas for change, the Democratic-led U.S. Senate began a rare around-the-clock session on Tuesday to push President George W. Bush and fellow Republicans to end the Iraq war."

This is likely to keep me up all night, too. The alternative is nightmares.

Rarely (thank God) has the majority in the United States Senate been so wrong on such a critical issue. And even more rarely have we had a leader so shallow and so ignorant as Majority Leader Harry Reid.

Still, we face a determined majority in the Democrat Party who, for political reasons, seek to ignore reality, ignore the world, ignore our enemies and ignore our military leaders and pull our troops from Iraq.

History will no doubt tell us that there was virtually no practical reason for abandoning Iraq. Compared to every war in the entire history of the United States (and of the entire world) casualties are infinitesimal. Not to minimize the value of any life, we must realize the loss of life will be significantly higher if we abandon Iraq.

Of course, Harry Reid will point out that even though tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands lives will be lost, those lives will be Iraqi lives. No more of the valuable Americans will be lost (for a while). And, of course, it's all George Bush's fault anyway.

That last part will be true. This is Bush's folly. Bush should never have invaded Iraq. But he did. And the solution to this mess isn't to abandon our very real responsibility to the Iraqi people. And it certainly isn't to surrender an entire country to Islamic extremists.

So tonight I'll pray for the bravery of the Republicans. You know those guys... the ones who
afraid to show up for a debate at the NAACP convention.

But, in the game of politics, they will be bolstered by Bush's rising poll numbers and the real intelligence of real leaders like John McCain and Joe Lieberman. And somehow forty four (44) or so of them along with the principled Joe Lieberman will stand up against Reid and his politically popular opposition to the current occupation of Iraq.

But, make no mistake. Reid might lose tonight's battle. But soon enough Bush will be gone. And Clinton or Obama or Edwards will be the President. And we will pull out our troops. And al Qaeda will have the victory they have long sought. And 4,000 American lives will have been wasted.

And our enemies will learn that time is the one enemy that America can never defeat.



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