Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Why I Read the Daily KOS Everyday, Why Bill O'Reilly is Wrong, and Why the Presidential Candidates are Even Wronger!

With the Annual KOS Convention just days away, the Daily Kos is getting lots of attention from the very envious traditional press. The Daily Kos has become powerful and influential. While the Democrat presidential candidates felt comfortable in stiffing the once powerful Democrat Leadership Committee (DLC) convention, everyone but Joe Biden will be speaking to the Daily Kos attendees.

Such is the power of the Internet and the real leadership KOS has shown in tackling key Democrat positions, especially the Iraq Invasion and Occupation.

So while
Bill O'Reilly and many, many conservative bloggers and television commentators are vilifying the Daily Kos, the reality is Kos speaks to and for a very large portion of the American public.

So, yes Bill, you are right, there are some whacko's posting and commenting there. And there is satire and dark humor and even outright hate speech mingled in with the often insightful analysis and accurate and on-the-scene reporting. But this is absolutely true of any blogging website with multiple contributors and open forums for comments.

Given a magnifying glass and history files, one can find hatred and foul language and excessive hate in almost any blog with reasonable traffic. And the Daily Kos has heavy, heavy traffic and readership.

As I write this essay, the
Alexa Rank for Daily Kos is an amazing 4,878 with an astonishing reach of .02985% of all Internet Traffic compared to Bill O'Reilly's Alexa Rank of 83,723 and reach of only .0016%.

In fairness, O'Reilly's rank is extremely high, but the Daily Kos rank is spectacular! Not that this is a contest of readership. After all there are dozens of porn sites that dwarf them both!

But, the key is that Kos is read by many people who appreciate their point of view and their insight and perspective. If you don't read the Daily Kos regularly you are missing important facts, opinions and news that, at the very least, help explain the views of millions of Americans, who generally agree with Kos' liberal, Democrat (with a capital "D") philosophy.

So why is the WIZARD attacking the presidential candidates is his lengthy, grammatically incorrect and misspelled headline?

Well, certainly not for speaking at the Kos convention. They are doing the right thing there.

The Democrat candidates mistake (and it's a HUGE mistake) is failing to appear on FOX NEWS and appear at the FOX News's sponsored debates!

Just as the Daily Kos rightfully reflects the viewpoints of perhaps as many as 25% of the American public, FOX NEWS reflects the views of nearly 50% of the American Public. And Fox News sure as hell isn't as rough, hateful and prejudiced as many of the Kos articles and photographs so gleefully pointed out by Bill O'Reilly.

And, just as any objective and intelligent student of American politics and opinion MUST read the Daily Kos, any intelligent and objective and reasonable student MUST carefully consider the views and opinions broadcast on Fox.

But even that isn't the main issue I have with the candidates! Barack Obama said just this week he wants to be a "uniter, not a divider" (I do wish he'd chosen a different phrase). That is ONLY POSSIBLE when you actually speak to and listen to the other 50% of the deeply divided American Public!!

By thumbing their noses at the Fox News sponsored debates, the Democrats (with the exception of Joe Biden and Dennis Kucinich) are saying they really only want to be President of the "Blue States of America!"

This is, by the way, exactly the same criticism I leveled at the Republicans who
failed (and failed miserably) to show up for the NAACP Convention (with the noble exception of Tom Tancredo).

I, for one, will not accept this divisive stand any longer. We must DEMAND our candidates speak to the entire United States, left and right, north and south, east and west, liberal and conservative.



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Vigilante said...

This blog is always so informative! Had I not dropped in, I never would have learned that CNN broadcasts are not received in "Red States". But now I know!

the WIZARD, fkap said...

vigilante, I know you didn't actually miss my point. It is one thing to make your views generally available to the public and another, entirely different thing, to actually speak to a group of citizens, to engage them and to involve them.

Using the analogy you made, no Republican's needed to go to the NAACP Convention because most blacks receive CNN.

The fact is FOX has almost exactly 50% of the total CABLE NETWORK NEWS viewership. And, curiously enough, our electorate is also split at about 50% to 50%.

If you are genuinely going to be a "uniter" then you must actually speak to 100% of the population.

And my advice goes equally to the Republicans who, if they want to unite this country, must speak to everyone.

And, by the way, there is no implied approval of Sean Hannity or Bill O'Reilly when you appear on FOX any more that the Republican's appearance on MSNBC was an implied approval of Keith Olbermann.