Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Barack Obama is NOT Ready to Be President Today

Another Primary Night and the Wizard opines again.........

Let me be perfectly clear. I believe Barack Obama will someday be President of the United States. And it might still be this year. But I don't think so.

Barack Obama has stumbled badly in the last few days. But, as sharp observers know, Obama's real problems began much earlier. The handwriting appeared on the wall in foreign press reports... from London and later, from Canada.

The American press at first refused to listen. They were so interested in covering the horse race, they neglected to actually look at the condition of the horses. And the American press fell absolutely involve with one candidate. This is always a huge mistake for reporters. Confronted with ugly truths, the American press simply looked the other way.

The blogosphere, however, did not. And eventually the press caught up. And only hours later the Clinton campaign also caught up. And the race for the Democrat nomination began anew.

Tonight as I watched CNN and I watched Paul Begala absolutely destroy Obama at the peak viewing hour, I realized that Begala was right. In order to become President.... in order to be worthy of being President.... Obama must begin to act like a President.

Begala maintained that Obama's staff had let him down. And that Obama's chief economic advisor had effectively betrayed him. But the ultimate failing was Obama himself who didn't quickly fire and replace people who simply were on the wrong page of his campaign.

Perhaps the best outcome for the Democrat Party would be for Obama and Clinton to work out a compromise and partnership. Let Obama accept the Vice President spot and give Democrats and America its Dream ticket.

Nominating Obama before he is ready could be a tragic mistake.


Vigilante said...

I followed your links, and I'm not impressed. I was disappointed that the Begala link didn't lead to actual video clip. (Why? Did you not think your readers knew who Begala is?) This strikes me as the Whitewatering of Obama. Wizard, my friend, you disappoint.

the WIZARD, fkap said...

vigilante, Greetings from your old home town, Colorado Springs!! I'm here visiting my mother who now lives in the Springs, which also explains my delayed response to you.

As I re-read my essay I must agree with you... my choice of links and sources could have been better, although I think each does add to and amplify my comments.

As to Begala, I have tried in vein to locate a clip of the election night commentaries on CNN. Anyone watching the results show on CNN saw them, but Begala is just one of about nine commentators employeed by CNN, so his two to three minutes of opinion as to why Clinton carried Texas and Ohio where just one of many conflicting opinions as to Obama's slide over the week leading to the election.

But I did agree with him that Obama, in the midst of the first crisis of his campaign, didn't handle it well.

I left in place the link to Begala at CNN in hopes that later a direct link to his exact comments could be found.

So I must agree with your comments, I needed to do a better job with my links. However, the conclusions are strictly my own opinion and I stand by them. I've seen nothing this week that changes my mind.

If you can possibly stomach another lengthy Rick Moran commentary, I urge you to link here for a superb synopsis of Obama's tough week.

Vigilante said...

It's the water in C. Springs that washed out your links.

Vigilante said...

Please, Obama & Obamaniacs, no more Mr. Nice Guy?

As Mo Dowd says,

What could be more shameless than suggesting to Democrats that John McCain would make a better commander in chief than Obama?

Get the tax returns and hire back Samantha Power. Nice guys finish last or buried as vice presidents.

the WIZARD, fkap said...

Indeed, Maureen Dowd makes my point EXACTLY!!!! Obama was weak and indecisive in the midst of this week's bad news brigade.

Had he EITHER FIRED Power or STRONGLY DEFENDED her he would have been better off. Instead he let the situation control him INSTEAD of him controlling the situation.

But Obama is learning... that is what primatires can do to help a candidate.