Monday, March 17, 2008

Hillary Clinton, A Neville Chamberlain For Our Time

From Wikipedia:

Arthur Neville Chamberlain (18 March 1869 – 9 November 1940) was a British Conservative politician and Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1937 to 1940.

Chamberlain's legacy is marked by his policy regarding the appeasement of Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany with his signing of the Munich Agreement in 1938, conceding Czechoslovakia to Hitler. In the same year he also gave up the Irish Free State Royal Navy ports.

Chamberlain was forced to resign the premiership on 10 May 1940, after Germany invaded the Netherlands, Belgium and France.

Hillary Clinton's
major speech on Iraq scared the bejeezus out of me today. And, as frightening as that speech was, her staff's assertions later that she would follow her insanely aggressive withdrawal plan REGARDLESS of the advice of military leaders OR events on the ground , showed her to be totally unfit to be our Commander in Chief.
Clinton said, in part:
"The most important part of my plan is the first step, to bring our troops home and send the strongest possible message to the Iraqis that they must take responsibly for their own future. No more talk of permanent occupation, no more policing a civil war, no more doing for the Iraqis what they need to be doing for themselves. As president, one of my first official actions will be to convene the Joint Chiefs of Staff, my Secretary of Defense and my National Security Council and direct them to draw up a clear, viable plan to start bringing our troops home within the first 60 days of my taking office. A plan based on my consultation with the military to remove one to two brigades a month, a plan that reduces the risks of attack as they depart."

Clinton's plan would effectively turn one of the world's greatest, richest and most strategic countries over to al-Qaeda, the mortal enemies of the United States and the modern civilized world. And her plan would guarantee an unfettered civil war in Iraq that would likely kill tens of thousands, most especially anyone who ever cooperated with the United States.

Would Clinton actually follow such a stupid and dangerous plan? Clinton might just be playing one-upsmanship with Barrack Obama, whose credentials as an antiwar advocate are better established and more credible.

Still, as the current Iraqi government all but endorsed McCain for President, Clinton is fighting for her Presidential future.

I remain cautiously hopeful that both Clinton and Obama will heed wise counsel and plan for success in the middle east rather than just turn over a budding democracy to the tyranny of Islamic fundamentalism. But, at some point we must actually take the candidates at their word.


Vigilante said...

Wow, Wizard, you sure not a member of the Foolish Consistency Society (FCS) which Ol' Bob Emerson lampooned, are you? on Tuesday, March 04, 2008 you wrote that
Barack Obama is NOT Ready to Be President Today! That was after you had, on January 26, 2008, formally endorsed Barack Obama for the Democrat nomination for President! And today, you're calling his only opponent a Neville Chamberlain for our times?

Please tell your readers when was the last time you called John McCain a name of similar ill repute? If you can't answer, I think they - your readers - will conclude that you're about to endorse Bush III for president.

Personally, I don't agree with you on Hillary Clinton. But I can't make up my foolish mind about her. She's either this generation's [1] Richard Nixon or [2], Hubert Humphrey. As for this generation of Neville Chamberlains are concerned? I'd say you have to count them in legions: everyone who voted for the greatest author of state-sponsored terrorism a 2nd time; all those Democrats and Republicans in Congress who went along with Busheney's stampede into war; and all those European statesmen who have not given Bush their coldest shoulder.

That's a wide net I'm casting it, isn't it? I hope I didn't inadvertently snag your ass in it. I'll catch-and-release if I did! I'm sure Ol' Bob Emerson would applaud me for doing so!

the WIZARD, fkap said...

IN order to make a little mose sense out of what I have written you need to include and read Barrack Obama Will Never Leave Iraq. My views in that post were later CONFIRMED by Susan Powder, who also called Clinton a "monster" and was later dismissed (or resigned, no doubt under great pressure).

You and I agree on almost everything, except the single most important over-riding issue of your blog: I DO NOT believe we should leave Iraq. It was a tragic mistake to go in, it would be much more tragic to leave (without a credible long term plan for peace).

Clinton, I'm sure you'll agree, has less than no credibility on this issue. She was for the war before she was against the war before she was for the war before she was against it again yesterday.

Hence my attack on her for yesterdy's bone headed speech.

As to Barrack - he is young and inexperienced, but he sure is a fast learner. His experiences the last three weeks have been a real education.

After today's brilliant speech I'm even more convinced Obama will be the nominee. And he'll likely get my endorsement.... but McCain is still in the running for my vote. I will make up my mind in Octomer after we have really vetted the candidates.

the Wizard....

P.S. Let me echo DAILY KOS. Hillary should drop out now for the good of the party. She has lost. Her effort yesterday to move to the left of Obama on the OCCUPATION OF IRAQ is just embarrassing.

Utah Savage said...

Vigilante sent me to your excellent site. I'll thank him later. You are a wonderful writer, and equally terrific thinker, do sound like you just might be voting for Mcchenney Bush III. I want us out of Iraq. I hate Hillary's pandering for Barack's voters on this issue. There were no terrorists in Iraq but Sadam and his thugs until we invaded. He would not have and never did allow that kind of meddling in his kingdom. At least there was order, water, light, and oil. Now there is nothing but chaos and death. She voted for the Resolution that we all knew would take us into this idiot war, so, until she addresses her apology to all of us, she can just shut the f#@k up. In the meantime I'll keep coming back to your excellent site to read the debate between you and the Vigilante

Vigilante said...

Welcome to a GR8 site, Utah!

the WIZARD, fkap said...

Utah Savage, Thanks for stopping by.... I hope you'll become a regular.

I look forward to your adding your views and perspectives.

Vigilante and I have had some great conversations and, occasionally, debates.

Utah Savage said...

Wiz, thatk you for your kind comment on my site and honoring me by the recommendation. Your too kind.