Sunday, March 23, 2008

Seeking Redemption and Salvation

Regardless of your faith, nationality, political philosophy, heritage or race, we all need salvation from the horrors so casually inflicted upon mankind by our fellow man. Why do we have the insatiable urge to control, dominate and often destroy other human beings? Why must we see them as so very different from ourselves?

And we ourselves need redemption. If only all the world could search for common understanding, tolerance and peace. We must learn to forgive one another.

His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI
spoke with eloquence wisdom and truth today when he said......

"How often relations between individuals, between groups and between peoples are marked not by love but by selfishness, injustice, hatred and violence! These are the scourges of humanity, open and festering in every corner of the planet, although they are often ignored and sometimes deliberately concealed; wounds that torture the souls and bodies of countless of our brothers and sisters."

"They are waiting to be tended and healed by the glorious wounds of our Risen Lord (cf. 1 Pet 2:24-25) and by the solidarity of people who, following in his footsteps, perform deeds of charity in his name, make an active commitment to justice, and spread luminous signs of hope in areas bloodied by conflict and wherever the dignity of the human person continues to be scorned and trampled. It is hoped that these are precisely the places where gestures of moderation and forgiveness will increase! "

"Dear brothers and sisters! Let us allow the light that streams forth from this solemn day to enlighten us; let us open ourselves in sincere trust to the risen Christ, so that his victory over evil and death may also triumph in each one of us, in our families, in our cities and in our nations."

"Let it shine forth in every part of the world. In particular, how can we fail to remember certain African regions, such as Dafur and Somalia, the tormented Middle East, especially the Holy Land, Iraq, Lebanon, and finally Tibet, all of whom I encourage to seek solutions that will safeguard peace and the common good!"

May we all be blessed with the spirit and hope of Easter.


Vigilante said...

Blessings for you and your family, Wi8z.

Utah Savage said...

From an old Atheist, god bless and amen.

Beach Bum said...

Why do we have the insatiable urge to control, dominate and often destroy other human beings? Why must we see them as so very different from ourselves?

A few months ago I only half jokingly posed the question that humanity was not an intelligent species. But seriously, our animal nature prevents us from seeing the greater view of how all people are connected. What was once highly isolated bands of hunter gatherers always on the run from famine and "the other tribe" is now a stressed and crowded world. Until the hunter gatherer mind set can be set aside and we all see that we are our brother and sister's keeper salvation will be out of reach. One of the reasons I believe in a higher power is because I just don't think humanity could have even begun to make make this leap in logic without help. But that is a whole other post at my place.