Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Hotter Than Hell

Barack Obama has had two of the toughest weeks any candidate has ever faced. Obama has taken a lot of heat.
And yet he powered through the North Carolina primary like a hot knife through butter!!
And he was hotter than hell in Indiana, too. You would never know Hillary had come off a big win in Pennsylvania and seemed to be on a roll. She simply rolled into a big brick wall called Barack Obama.
I think the Democrats and the American public are ready for this primary season to be over. I think they'd like to see Obama turn his fire toward John McCain.
I very much like and appreciate Hillary Clinton, but she needs to bow out gracefully....... now. Before she crashes and burns.


Utah Savage said...

You're a lot nicer to Hillary than I am. Hey, I appreciate the encouragement. I have been told I get a little histrionic at times. Well, almost all the time. But I feel so hat damn validated when you drop by to soothe my fevered brow and then come back to say,"See, I told you so!"

Vigilante said...

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Thanks, Wizard!

Beach Bum said...

While several people have assured me it won't happen I hope Hillary isn't a sore loser. I have to admit I have my doubts.