Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Is McCain/Clinton the Real Dream Ticket?

McCain/Clinton. The Wizard ponders the future on a remarkably boring Tuesday Primary night...... Gosh, they do make an attractive couple, don't they?
Of course it's not going to happen. Hillary Clinton would never accept it, would she? And John McCain is going to be forced to pick a VP that is acceptable to the right wing of the Republican Party, isn't he?
But, I must tell you that I genuinely believe Barack Obama will win the Presidency. John McCain has almost no chance. Obama is a rock star. The American people really do want change. The "Republican Brand" is tarnished. It would take an seismic event for McCain to pull this one out.
On the other hand, Barack Obama will do almost anything to avoid picking Hillary Clinton as his running mate. There is a genuine hate for Clinton among Obama staffers (and I've heard Michelle Obama doesn't like her either).
I saw a poll tonight on (the world famous and much beloved among progressive and liberal bloggers) FOX News (the cited source on television was "USA Poll," whoever that might be) that showed the strongest possible ticket is Barack Obama teamed with John Edwards. An Obama/Edwards beats McCain by a whopping 17 points among Pennsylvania voters!!
But that poll never even tested an Obama/Clinton ticket. I'm guessing no one thought that was even a possibility. Obama just isn't going to pick Clinton.
But I think a McCain/Clinton ticket might pose a real challenge to Obama. It's the earthquake that would rock the entire world!!
Although the so-called progressive bloggers are attempting to deny it, McCain is really a pretty much a liberal. Anybody remember McCain/Feingold? How about the Kennedy/McCain Immigration Bill. He's a hell of a lot more liberal than the some Democrats who have won the recent special Congressional elections recently. Talk about Democrats in name only. But I digress.
If Clinton is passed over for the Democrat VP (as is likely), she's staring down the throat of 8 years of a President Obama, with John Edwards carefully groomed as the heir apparent to the Presidency.
So why not take a chance with the rather progressive McCain? Perhaps a "guarantee" of 50% of the cabinet being Democrats would win her over. Or a guaranteed role for Bill Clinton. Or even a "promise" of an early resignation, guaranteeing that Hillary Clinton would become President.
If the addition of Hillary Clinton could tip the scale in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, West Virginia, and other swing states, the McCain/Clinton ticket would win the day. And McCain will likely serve only one term. Hillary would be groomed to replace him.
Now it's not going to happen, is it? Surely Clinton will remain loyal to the Democrat Party. Surely McCain will move to the right in his VP choice.
But it is interesting to think about. Do you think anyone in the McCain camp is considering this? How about anyone in the Clinton camp?


DivaJood said...

Ah, Wizard, I think McCain is going to pick Condi Rice as his running mate: I mean, a black woman? C'mon!

I don't believe for a minute he's ever been a true progressive, though. I think he focuses on expediency.

Personally, I am hopeful for an Obama/Edwards ticket. If we could have eight years of Obama, and then eight years of Edwards, we might be able to turn the USA around and get on a sane and decent course.

the WIZARD, fkap said...

I wonder what the "sane and decent course" might look like. How would it be differnt from the course we are on today?

And would it really take 16 years?

DivaJood said...

Sane and decent includes accessible health care; getting out of that obscene pre-emptive war; tearing down the fence along the Mexico border; fixing Social Security; I could go on but won't. And given what's gone on in America since the Decider took office, it will take at least four Democratic Presidential terms.

Petrosexual said...

I've seen you take some SUCKY positions before Wizard, but you have really bottomed out on this one. A new low.

the WIZARD, fkap said...

Why Thank You, petro! I'm pleased to see you drop by.

This most certainly isn't "my position" by any means.... it's just wild speculation. A way to stretch our imagination on a very boring primary night.

And I wanted to start a little conversation... In reality, I don't think were going to see any "outside the box" selections as VP.

Utah Savage said...

I think McCain is a better fit for Hillary than Barack. She admires his "heroism" She admires his "experience." They have been drinking buddies. And he'll probably die in office, making her President. She wants it that bad. She will take however she can get it.

Vigilante said...

I agree with both Petro and Utah on this one! How's that for being out of the box?

Vigilante said...

O/T, Wizard:

Everything gets FUBAR in Colorado Springs. Further evidence not needed.