Wednesday, May 14, 2008

We Interrupt This Blog

In the words of Kristin over at E! Online,
    This just might be the most depressing news yet coming out of the New York upfronts.

    I've just received word from Gabrielle Stanton and Harry Werksman, bosses of Moonlight, that the series has been canceled.

    They sent me this message to pass along to you fans:

    It's true. We found out about an hour ago that Moonlight has been officially cancelled.

    We are truly saddened by the news and are sorry that we won't get the chance to live with our wonderful characters and follow them on their adventures for a second season.

    We really want to thank all our loyal fans for their undying love and support of the show. We never would have made it this far without them.

    This series has one of the most dedicated, passionate audiences I've ever seen in the many years in this job. And to all of you I extend a heartfelt hug.
The move is stunning and reflects incredible stupidity on the part of the executives at CBS. One minute the network claims that women dictate the success of network television and then they cancel the most romantic series in the entire history of television.

If you somehow missed Moonlight, you missed a great televison drama. Alex O'Laughlin and Sophia Myles have real chemistry. The storyline is compelling and the production is first rate in spite of the rumored turmoil behind the scenes.

The ratings were quite good in the writer's ravaged split season. And the show won the People's Choice Award for Best New Drama. This simply isn't a show you cancel.

Within hours of the post above at
E! Online the boards there had gathered nearly 400 outraged comments. There will be an effort to save this series. I hope it succeeds.


Utah Savage said...

I interrupt this blog to bring you the news that John Edwards has endorsed Obama, and that george bush has given up gold to honor our fallen soldiers and their families. Olbermann give the most righteous Special Comment ever, proving that after bush claims to have given up gold for troops, he has been filmed golfing. Liar, Liar, pants on fire.

the WIZARD, fkap said...

The timing of John Edwards endorsement is flawless. And I'm thinking that John Edwards mght just be the perfect VP candidate as he can appeal to the same voters that Hillary would attract.

As to the Bush-Golf-Olbermann story...... it's simply not worth a comment.

J McKiernan said...

Interesting...I'm a pop culture junkie and yet I've only vaguely heard of "Moonlight." And now, mere days after hearing the title somewhere out in pop culture land, I now hear that it's already canceled.

This sort of greedy network pre-emptive strike is generally what happens to 90% of new, smart, interesting series. "Once and Again," "Arrested Development," and "Sports Night" were a few of my favorite prematurely-axed programs.

I also am really intrigued by how you describe "Moonlight." I will have to rent it when the inevitable "Complete Series" DVD hits Blockbuster. I am a romantic through-and-through, if I may embarrassingly admit.

Vigilante said...

Come on, Moonlight is about vampires, Wizard. Vampireia, as genre was cancelled in the 19th century. Try to keep up.

Stella said...

I interrupt this post to rant that I hate HBO because they cancelled Deadwood. I'm still in mourning after over two years.

In turn, Trophy Husband and I canceled HBO. I miss Al Swearingen.

No, wizard, I really do have a life...