Sunday, June 22, 2008

Democrats Don't Believe in the Future

I've just had a breakthrough revelation. Democrats don't believe in the future!

Now I'm not saying that Democrats aren't the party of hope. No, what I'm saying is far more specific and fundamental. I'm saying that the Democrats don't actually believe the future exists. To the Democrats, the future is some sort of science fiction.

The year 2017? Nope, that one doesn't exist. Or 2030? Ha Ha, tell us another joke. 2053? Well that's certainly never going to happen.

It's just like the folks who used to deny the world was round. Or people who refused to believe that the earth revolved around the sun. These concepts were simply too absurd to even consider.

To the Democrats, the future need not be planed for, because it simply doesn't exist.

Barack Obama was just the latest Democrat to leap onto the future doesn't exist platform this week. Faced with the
greatest world wide crisis in the last 100 years, the growing Energy and Food Price Crisis, Obama made it perfectly clear that his plan was to do absolutely nothing except to demagogue the issue, ridicule anyone who made any proposal to resolve the crisis and to absolutely refuse to acknowledge any plan that involved the science fiction concept of the future.

Speaking in Florida and then at the governor's conference Obama practiced the now perfected Democrat technique of proposing nothing and opposing everything.

Obama has already learned that only politicians who actually are brave enough to make a proposal ever get criticized. And he watched John McCain make the classic Republican error of actually making a series of concrete proposals that might solve the energy and food crisis or lessen it's impact on the American people.

Obama leapt to the attack, careful to never propose anything himself. The closest Obama came to actually saying anything was to pontificate that IF he actually thought something might work (and he most certainly didn't think anything would work) then he might study it.

For example, faced with John McCain's actual proposal to build nuclear power plants, Obama said he might study it, but "I don't think that nuclear power is a panacea."

Don't ever actually propose anything. It's a winning strategy. An the press cannot ever question anything you don't actually say. Propose nothing and you're home free.

Well, here is another exact quote: "I would consider off shore drilling if there were any evidence it would reduce prices. But it won't and John McCain knows that."

Actually John McCain doesn't know that, but that little white lie is the least of Obama's problems.

The really big problem is what Obama does know (in his own words) but refuses to acknowledge. That would be that pesky concept of the future. Here's the money quote: "Offshore drilling would not lower gas prices today; it would not lower prices tomorrow; it would not lower gas prices this year; it would not lower gas prices five years from now. In fact, President Bush's own Energy Department says we would not see a drop of [offshore] oil until 2017."

Please explain to me why we wouldn't start working today toward energy independence in 2017 (or even later)? That also would give us time to develop improved energy conservation methods and alternatives to oil and natural gas.

Sadly, we've been hearing this "ignore the future" mantra from Democrats for the last eight years. They have effectively stopped all oil exploration, all new offshore drilling, all development of the ANWR (Arctic National Wildlife Refuge) resource using the denial of any existence of the future excuse. "We just can't do that because it won't help until sometime in the future."

Haven't Democrats ever heard the saying that "every journey starts with a single step?" We can only presume that Barack Obama doesn't believe in the year 2017. Or, at the very least, he realizes he will be out of office by then and it will be somebody else's problem.

This is the exact approach the Democrats took in 2005 with Social Security. As President Bush foolishly made a series of proposals to actually save Social Security, Democrats steadfastly held together and REFUSED to make any proposals of their own. As George Bush went on television and literally BEGGED the Democrats to come to the table and join in a truly bipartisan effort to save the system before it's failure in 2053, Democrats made it clear that they would make absolutely no counter proposals. See articles here and here.

You see, to the Democrats 2053 doesn't exist, so no action is necessary.

Democrats simply denied the existence of the year 2053.

I, for one, am looking for change I can believe in. And that change would be our two political parties to actually come together and solve the issues we face today, even if the solutions require years to achieve.

2017 is just around the corner, whether Barack Obama believes it or not.

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