Tuesday, June 03, 2008

A Little Slice of Heaven at the DFW Airport

Some of you have noticed my absence this past week. Thank you for the emails and instant messages. I have been on a business trip to Las Vegas for a week and I really want to write more about that trip later. You learn so much by listening to other people. And I will share some things I learned in a later post.

Before that I will write my traditional Tuesday Primary Night post. It will be the very last Tuesday Night Primary Post. We will all be pleased about that. Let the general campaign begin. I am so thrilled that the two candidates I formally endorsed back on
January 26th have won their respective party's nominations. This will be a great general election for America.

But the good news I want to share with you right now is that weary travelers can have an exceptional culinary experience in the Dallas Fort Worth Airport. Perhaps the finest barbecue beef brisket on earth can be yours across gate C-6.
Dickey's Barbecue is right there in the airport.

I lived 20 years in Dallas, Texas and I ate at Dickey's Barbecue nearly from the day I arrived. Unlike many barbecue joints who somehow manager to serve up dry, tasteless beef, Dickey's literally melts in your mouth.

Hand cut right before your eyes, slices can be as big as an inch thick, but you can easily cut them with a fork! The portions on the beef plate (and on the beef and sausage combo plate I always enjoy) will exceed your appetite and probably the time you have to change planes!

Since American Airlines controls most of the flights nationwide, you're likely to eventually find yourself on a layover at DFW. Don't miss the wonderful opportunity this layover presents. There are other barbecue joints at DFW. Pass them by. Go to gate C-6 and enjoy a little slice of heaven.


POSTSCRIPT: Well, Damn!!

Two side notes I learned after completing the above story. First,
USA TODAY beat me to the punch. They identified the DFW Dickey's as one the nation's top airport eateries last January.

Second, Dickey's is rapidly going nationwide and is one of America's hottest franchises. They have over
90 stores today from California to New York.

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