Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Could We Have a Mulligan?

I enjoyed a series of conversations during the day that speak volumes about the current and generally unexpected economic meltdown and the terribly poor timing of the 2008 Presidential election. Talk about an October surprise. This is an October Nuclear Explosion.

I hope every one of you, readers and passersby all, will add your thoughts in the comments section.

Here's the question: What if the primaries were held tomorrow, not months ago. Who would you nominate from each party, in light of the economic meltdown?

The consensus in discussions earlier today was that neither Obama nor McCain would get their party's nod. Obama is way to inexperienced. McCain way too weak in the area of the economy.

Many folks feel we really need Republican Mitt Romney at the helm. He is an acknowledged economic genius. And he has solved big, big crisis in the past.

Many folks feel we need Hillary Clinton's experience and that Bill's advice and counsel would be critical in handling what could be a major depression.

What do you all think?


P.S. I thought tonight's debate was simply terrible. Boring. Tom Brokaw was worse than Gwen Ifill and I thought that would be impossible. The questions were old and tired. The answers were right from the stump speeches. And there was never a follow-up or a demand for clarification.

Did Obama really win? The early polls say he did. I'm not so sure Obama won. I'm positive McCain lost.

But before you pull that lever on November 4th remember one thing: Barack Obama has never made one single tough decision in his entire life. Not one. Not ever.

He makes a good speech. But he tends to vote present or miss the vote or dodge the issue as he did last week during the bailout debate. Give it some thought.


the WIZARD, fkap said...

There is simply no doubt we are heading into a deep and serious depression.... at least as bad at the 1930's and perhaps worse.

Last night, at the debate, Obama basically dodged every question last night and gave wrote answers that are often simply hyperbole (95% of American's will receive tax cuts - factually not possible, yet never once challenged by McCain).

So the problem for the election is who do we elect to be our Franklin Roosevelt? Because that is exactly what we are doing.

McCain has shown he isn't qualified by his tempermental reactions to events. Obama is flatly not qualified, but he is smart and thoughful.

Curiously, the only name on the ballot who is (remotely) qualified is Sarah Palin and she won't be President.

No, we are going to have to trust Barack Obama.....

But the depression is on the way.

Lee said...

In the 1930's you had overvalued stocks. Today you have Hedge funds selling off everything to get capital. So good value stocks are selling for less then they should.

I'm thinking your too much doom and gloom.

As far as your what-if posting. Who cares. I find it odd when your posting goes with a quote from Rush Limbaugh--"We have 300 million people in this country, and the best we can come up with to run for president is McCain and Obama? Talk about Sophie's Choice!"

the WIZARD, fkap said...


Thanks! I hadn't heard the Limbaugh quote beofre. Now that's funny. I only wish I had his comic sarcasm.

But, in reality, I don't at all agree with Limbaugh. Obama and McCain were good choices. If you go back in my blog you'll find I ENDORSED BOTH OF THEM in the primaries. And I rejoiced when they each won.

But that was then. The DOW was at 13,000 and the big issue of the day was the timetable for withdrawal from Iraq.

Today the DOW dropped again and is now at 9,258.10. That's a 28% drop!!!! Sure stock are a bargain; I've been buying all day today.

But American's have lost 28% of their wealth. Plus the disaster in home values. Plus the coming disaster of inflation.

THe National Debt just went into hyperspace. It was manageable. Not anymore.

Neither Obama nor McCain are prepared to handle this. Last night was a horrible joke. Our two Nero's fiddled while America burned.