Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Sinking of the MSM Titanic

There are a few others, mostly conservatives, in both the traditional media and the blogosphere who clearly see the complete unraveling of the Main Stream Media. Chris Muir, cartoonist writing the Day by Day strip certainly gets it. If you have any trouble reading the above cartoon, please link over to the Day by Day Website for a full sized version.

Faced with the dilemma of choosing between the ethics of journalism and their dedication to the man they genuinely believe must become President of the United States, these pseudo journalists are consistently choosing politics over professionalism.

Make no mistake about it, these people genuinely believe that Barack Obama must become President. This isn't some vast left wing conspiracy to deprive the world of real news.

Instead these are zealots who have convinced themselves they are doing the right thing. A kind of "group think" mentality sets in that allows people who were at one time idealistic journalists to begin to overlook their ethics and their responsibilities. Stories get buried. Reporters are never assigned to certain stories. Key questions simply are never asked. Words and phrases are changed.

But the results are extremely serious. I have another entry coming up on this later today or tomorrow.......


Vigilante said...

In your opinion, Wizard, which stories are buried?

the WIZARD, fkap said...

That blog entry is up now: The Manchurian Candidate

And there are a dozen more stories that deserve some level of inspection. There are, as it turns out, some rather serious implications in Joe Biden's gaffes. Is Biden actually fit to hold office? No one is looking or reporting. In fact reporters are purposely looking the other way.

I fear your observation that the press just wanted to keep the election close was incorrect.

But the press will turn on Obama and Biden next year and all hell will break loose then. It reminds me of the press and George Bush's run up to war. Nobody asked any serious questions until it was way too late.

Lee said...

Bidens Medical history. If McCain had two Aneurysms. That would be above the fold.

Vigilante said...

An interesting reflection, Wizard

I fear your observation that the press just wanted to keep the election close was incorrect.

I'm not sure I want to vacate that observation, yet. But maybe the lack of a competent campaign on the G.O.P. side has rendered the 'close horse race' scenario implausible. For the sensational feed-frenzied MSM, maybe the prospect of a historic landslide will offer a consolation track to high ratings. But I don't know. I don't watch CNN or even Keith Olberman much any more.

shoo said...

Heck, in the runup to the Iraw war, the press was practically cheering it on.

Great posts on the media, Wiz. Seeing how bad it has gotten is literally almost bringing me to tears.