Friday, October 17, 2008

Sarah Palin


K McKiernan said...

To support a cause means more than sharing a bond with them. We have to look at what the intentions of a McCain/Palin presidency/vice presidency would be before we believe either one of them truly supports the cause of children with special needs.

Listen close during the last debate. McCain spoke about how they would "do" for special needs, but as Obama spelled out in more detailed form what he would want to do and how he would give, John McCain used that opportunity to talk about him as a tax raiser, as someone out of touch who just wants to "spread the wealth."

If you really want to support a cause and help a group, you have to be ready to spend some money.

Actions need to support words. I think Palin comprehends more than many since she has a child with special needs, but I am not at all convinced that she will put any "money where her mouth is;" I fear instead that she is using her special needs child as a pawn.

If anyone has information, specific, detailed, "plan" information about what she proposes or what John McCain proposes to do to help special needs children, then please inform me otherwise.

Stella said...

From the third debate:

McCain—No Answer: In a reference to his running mate Governor Sarah Palin, John McCain said: ‘She’ll be my partner. She understands reform. And, by the way, she also understands special-needs families. She understands that autism is on the rise, that we’ve got to find out what’s causing it, and we’ve got to reach out to these families, and help them, and give them the help they need as they raise these very special needs children. How he plans to do this is unclear.

Obama—Answer: Replying to McCain, Barack Obama said: ‘I think it’s very commendable the work she’s done on behalf of special needs. I agree with that, John. I do want to just point out that autism, for example, or other special needs will require some additional funding, if we’re going to get serious in terms of research. That is something that every family that advocates on behalf of disabled children talk about. And if we have an across-the-board spending freeze, we’re not going to be able to do it.’

Lee said...

From what I can Tell Mckiernan, Stella, Obama, Biden, McCain and Palin do not have any ideas that are going to amount to squat.

Palin will understand the issues given time. Obama saying that special needs requires additional funding is one of those meaningless statments that you can pump your fist at yelling 'Yeah'.

Throwing money at any issue is stupid. Those of us with special needs kids do not really care much about prevention, sure it is important, but it is not going to help my kid become independent.

If your voting for Obama or McCain based upon thier plans for Special needs, you may not find a reason to vote.

Lee said...
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Vigilante said...

Just saw Sarah Palin on SNL. Good for her going on. The girl's got a future, all right. Maybe not in politics. But I'll bet she can make way more in the media! You betcha!

Vigilante said...

Oh, wait! Tina Fey's already doing her!

Stella said...

Lee, I did not know you had a special needs child. I admire you, and I feel there's some commonality in our perspective.

From what I can Tell Mckiernan, Stella, Obama, Biden, McCain and Palin do not have any ideas that are going to amount to squat. I credit your statement to the fact that we have an absolute mess on our hands. I would feel sorry for either person holding the Presidency.

I feel strongly that Obama/Biden more closely represent my values than McCain/Palin. I don't expect that either can accomplish much, and that blame falls directly on the Bush Administration's shoulders. He's bankrupted every company he's owned, including USA, Inc. McCain/Palin are too similar to Bush for me to support them in any way.

It's going to be a rough ride for this nation in either case, but I think the McCain/Palin ticket is far more dangerous.