Friday, March 13, 2009

Glenn Beck

Who the hell is Glenn Beck?

Is he President? Did I miss an election?

Is he a Senator? A Congressman? A Governor?

Wait, wait, don't tell me! Is he the Secretary of the Treasury? Is he the President's chief economic advisor? Is he in charge of turning around the economy?

Glenn Beck? Let me think.

Is Beck a respected architect of the President's agenda? Does he make policy? Does he have the President's ear? For god's sake, who is Glenn Beck?

Is Beck's influence so far reaching he actually caused the current economic collapse? Is he the evil genius behind the downfall of the world wide banking system? Does Glenn Beck have that much power and influence?

I know he simply must be one of the single most important people on earth.

If Glenn Beck wasn't one of the most important people on the entire planet (maybe the entire universe) why would The Daily Kos decide today the Glenn Beck was public enemy number one? Today we see a nineteen (19) front page articles (so far) with twenty three (23) articles earlier this week, all dedicated to an in depth study and analysis of the man? "In depth study and analysis of the man" is just my polite way of saying "character assassination." Kos offers hour by hour posts! Literally minute by minute personal attacks.

One short quote form a Kos poster named "Hunter"

"And what the flying monkey hell is he rebelling against? As far as I can tell, the only thing he actually gives a crap about is that maybe his freakin' taxes will get raised a few percent, back to (shudder) pre-Bush levels, and that's such a f'ing affront to the very republic that it causes him to burst into tears and sob about how we've let all the troops down by "redistributing wealth" from rich assholes like him to a few kids needing free school lunches."

Now I love intelligent in depth study and analysis as much as the next guy. Although, in this time of great social and economic upheaval, I would rather see the left's single most important and influential blog site devote their time an space to a person who is a policy maker, social architect or a politician with real influence over our future.

If somehow you don't actually know who Glenn Beck really is, he is a former CNN personality who has now joined FOX News and hosts his own one hour show in the late afternoon. Beck is an entertainer and personality.

I can only guess Kos got tired of attacking Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter and Bristol Palin and needed to move-on and get fresh meat.

In a quick review I found about a dozen other left leaning and progressive blogs playing dittohead and copying or citing Kos's wealth of anti-Glenn Beck articles. The Conservative blogs I checked haven't noticed the left's new poster boy of political wrongness and/or just don't care about Beck one way of the other.


Lee said...

Same pattern I am seeing. If you state opposition to the current administration, you are targeted and systematically attacked. No dealing with the issues a person brings to the table, go for the character.

Dissent is no longer tolerated.

Like Nixon there is an enemies list.

Vigilante said...

Wizard, you are tilting at windmills again.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

I just wish that, instead of debating clowns like Beck and Limbaugh, the media actually paid attention to current ISSUES; embryonic stem-cell research, Obama's Iraq War withdrawal policy, etc.. I mean, seriously, they might as well just talk about Jessica Simpson, for Christ!

MadMike said...

You Republicants sure have a lot of aggressive and ill informed talking heads. I mean come on guys: Limbaugh, Coulter, Hannity, O'Reilly, and now Beck. Gee! All this violent hyperbole blasting the air waves and you still lost the election. Interesting...

the WIZARD, fkap said...

Will - You are right on target!!

Mike - You've missed the point entirely.

Lee said...

Anger much MM?

Greg said...

I believe most voters who aren't hard core democrats will sooner or later start wondering why the democrats, the media, and their blogger allies spend so much time attacking Sarah Palin, Limbaugh, Glen Beck, and FOX News, when there are so many important things they should be discussing. It is as if 0bama has decided that he really doesn't like governing so much as he likes campaigning.