Friday, March 27, 2009

Intelligent Discussions

I've been ranting lately on several blog sites I visit about the distractions and irrelevant demagoguery directed at fringe personalities rather that the real issues than need discussion and civil debate.

Rush Limbaugh is simply never an issue. He has opinions and he has a style. You can disagree with one or the other or both, but he simply is never the issue, Not ever. Discussing Limbaugh or Ann Coulter or Rachel Maddow or Keith Olbermann might be fun, but they are side players. Read them or watch them, agree or disagree with them and then move on.

There are real issues and thanks to Barack Obama's far reaching vision we will need to become educated and well versed on many issues over the next four years. President Obama will drag us forward, even if we are kicking and screaming, toward the goals he has set for America.

If we are open minded and if we are really willing to learn we can contribute to this future. Once we actually focus on Education, the Environment, Government Regulation, and Health Care we can build a better America and, hopefully, a better world.

I often get really furious at Keith Olbermann. I feel he is intellectually dishonest, at best. But he often has learned guests and he represents a point of view that is shared by millions. He is saying important things, even if he says them badly.

I was out a noon time today, a real rarity for me. Naturally, Rush Limbaugh was on the radio and I listened for an extended period. Rush's comments and points were excellent. He can be snide and sarcastic. He is an easy mark for those on the left who love to copy, edit and paste. But, if you actually listen to him, he is extraordinarily bright and has extremely valid points.

Rush and Keith are simply two of many sources of information. They are not the issues, they have opinions.

For reasons I can only guess, some folks want to make them the center of the debate. People who do that have an agenda and it's not good. They want to limit debate. They want to distract. They want to inflame fears and build a mob mentality.

Despots have taken this approach throughout history. Blame the Jews. Blame the Blacks. Blame the Hispanics, the Irish, the Italians. Blame the Rich. Blame the immigrants. Blame the welfare mothers. Blame Rush Limbaugh.

Beware anyone who doesn't want to discuss the issues.

In the interest of learning and exploring the real issues, I want to CHALLENGE my readers to link over to Michelle Malkin's excellent discussion about Canadian health care, Did Canadacare kill Natasha Richardson? Michelle and other conservatives are already being demagogued to death by the powers that want to stifle debate for talking about Natalie Richardson's death.

By falsely claiming the Michelle and others are "exploiting" Natalie Richardson's death, these folks simply want to end the discussion about health care. That is so wrong on so many levels. Malkin's article is well written and excellent. It is thought provoking. It raises issues that simply MUST be discussed as we all work together toward the much need national health care system.

So don't listen to the people who want to somehow make Malkin the issue instead of Health Care. Malkin is not the issue. Read her article. And find others who actually discuss the real issues.


Lee said...

Having witnessed first hand the many shortcomings of Canada's health care and all the bad things it has done, I cannot understand how that keeps being held up as a model.

Obama wanting the US government to go into the insurance business brings one question into my mind. When has the government ever ran a business well?

Is it the lure of something for nothing? The vengeance of class envy? Lack of basic economic understanding?

I'd hate to see another business destroyed by government good intentions (road to hell...)

MadMike said...

When has business ever run business well. The country is in dire financial straits because of the "lack" of government, not because of it.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

I just wish that Ms. Malkin had waited for the body to get cool a tad before she pounced.

Dr.T said...

You can read my whole piece here (quoted extensively in mentioned Malkin blog entry):

And if you want an example of how government control and regulation works in our health care system look no farther than their seizure of mammography in 1993. They've ruined breast cancer screening since then. Read about it here:

We face serious shortges and degraded care if we let the Obama administration succeed in nationalizing our system, which is exactly what they are proposing no matter how they couch the language.

Lee said...

In answer to Mike who is Mad's query. Businesses that make a product that people buy, pay their employees based upon merit have been running well since the foundation of this country. Government on the other hand, has done it's level best to interfere.

Here is a list of wonderfully run businesses (you will note no government agencies are in the list)
Click here

Vigilante said...

Just stopping by to take Wizard's temperature. It's as elevated as I typically have found it. How can anyone ask for "intelligent discussion" and then mention Rachel Maddow and Rush Limbaugh in the same equivocating sentence?

I'll check back in a month or two.