Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Nancy Pelosi Is Determined to Undermine Barack Obama

I've written eleven previous blog posts about Nancy Pelosi. This makes twelve. If you really want to, you can click THIS LINK and all twelve posts will open in a single window. Or you can just keep reading here for the Reader's Digest version.

Actually by simply reprinting these comments from my post from my July 24, 2008 post, Nancy Pelosi's War on America, I can summarize my objections to Nancy Pelosi's complete absence of leadership, her lack of intelligence and her destructive impulses:

America is really being betrayed by the current political posturing in Washington. And Nancy Pelosi is leading a bizarre and very destructive campaign against the best interests of the American people.

It simply isn't possible to make any sense out of the current Democrat's posturing... EXCEPT that they have a genetic knee jerk opposition to any plan or any idea supported by Republicans. Is it possible that the Democrats feel forced to oppose the Republicans even if it actually means America is thrown into a full blown recession? What's happening is very disturbing.

Obviously I have the gift of prophecy. Here we are is a recession, or more likely a full blown depression, and Nancy Pelosi is still spending every hour of every day fighting against the best interests of her constituents, the House of Representatives, Congress in general, President Barak Obama and all of America.

I had great hopes that Barack Obama would reign in Pelosi and Obama's call for cooperation and bipartisanship would encourage or inspire Pelosi to turn over a new leaf. I genuinely believe President Obama wants a new culture in Washington.

Nancy Pelosi is determined to kill Obama's hopes and dreams. She is determined to bring about open warfare with her Republican counterparts. And she is succeeding.

She will not allow any Republican idea or compromise into her economic stimulus bill. She will not allow Republicans to even attend any planning meetings. Instead she taunts and berates Republicans and crows about her victory last November. She reminds me of President Bush after his 2004 win.

And like Bush, Pelosi's hubris will ultimately destroy her oven meager victory. Pelosi is sowing the seeds of a Republican reemergence and ultimate take over of Congress. But that is two to four years away. So before Nancy Pelosi can destroy herself, she will bring down the President.

Believe me when I tell you she doesn't care.


Stella said...

Obviously I have the gift of prophecy. LOL, Wizard, I think you do. I've never been a fan of Pelosi or Reid.

I do love my ranting, but the parties must dialog to help this country. I know a lot of Republicans that had the same issue with our former president. (I'm scared to write his name in case he comes back)

Too many people are too self-absorbed and are unable to join with others to create good.

Vigilante said...

I smile when I hear Republicans lecture Democrats about bipartisanship. Didn't hear much about that under the Tom DeLay.

the WIZARD, fkap said...
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the WIZARD, fkap said...

In this case you are hearing me (and Barack Obama) lecture about bipartisanship.

And Tom Delay was a jerk who, in many ways, set the tone we see continued by Pelosi today.

But two wrongs do not make a right.

shoo said...

I remember when Bush came into office in 2000 taking great pains to be bipartisan. That was quickly torpedoed by the Democrats.

I think the very idea of bipartisanship is rather naive anyways. Some examples of bipartisanship from the Bush years [Stella, I wrote his name in case that helps him come back :P) was the stimulus package of last year, and the Iraq War.

As someone quiped: "when there is broad, bipartisan support, watch your wallets."

Stella said...

Hey, Shoo...


Lee said...

Is the definition of bi-partisan that one side cave-in to the demands of the other?

the WIZARD, fkap said...

It looks like I'm going to need to explain bipartisanship to President Obama. Nancy Pelosi is a lost cause.

Obama is talking a good game..... "No pride of authorship....." etc. But you have to actually give and take to have a compromise.

Republicans have several good ideas. It would be really easy to forge a great bipartisan stimulus package. But President Obama is going to have really lean on Harry Reid.

Stella said...

Well, let's move on for a sec (though facts bear out Vig). Today, President Obama's economic stimulus package reached the House floor.

This was the result: Without a single Republican vote, President Obama won House approval on Wednesday for an $819 billion economic recovery plan as Congressional Democrats sought to temper their own differences over the enormous package of tax cuts and spending.

Representative Steny H. Hoyer, Democrat of Maryland and the majority leader, said that “the economics that got us into this mess” were the Republicans’ policies for the six years that Republicans controlled both the White House and Congress, through 2006

He's right.

Wizard, Lee, and Shoo, the Democrats were willing on more than one occasion to vote for GOP policies. I mean, NOT ONE Republican was willing to support Obama's stimulus. Why are those 41 Senators not willing to do the same?

You have all expressed concern about school lunch programs, the NEA, rebuilding our roads and dams (imagine what would have happened if the national infrastructure was bolstered before Katrina), and Amtrak. I will always support funds for Amtrak. Even if the train system loses money, railroads are a vital part of our economy.

Sure, Democrats' priorities are different, but why not support our ideas? Certainly, President Obama can't do any worse than our former president.

Note to Shoo: 8-P

Stella said...

Lee, the definition of bi-partisan means "caving in" is not, and will never be, the answer. We have to rebuild America. That means reaching out. I don't think the GOP did that with the Dems.

Feel free to point out legislative instances where I'm wrong, other than 9/11.

Your cyber buddy may get a little testy sometimes, but, like you, I just want this country to heal.

Chris said...

In this case, the Republicans are correct, because this "stimulus package" is nothing of the sort. Most of the spending is delayed, as reality would dictate, and a great deal of it merely reinforces liberal programs that are of dubious quality to begin with. Keynesian policies didn't work in 1932, and they're not going to work now.

Since when does bipartisan mean going along with bad ideas that will bankrupt our children?

Lee said...


"the Democrats were willing on more than one occasion to vote for GOP policies. I mean, NOT ONE Republican was willing to support Obama's stimulus. Why are those 41 Senators not willing to do the same?"

There is your direct statement that proves my premise. They voted for GOP policies... Not, They voted for policies in the best interest of those they represent.

If senators do not feel this bill is in the best interest of those they represent they should vote against. Regardless of party.

What is really going on here? After all the Democrats are in charge and do NOT need any Republican support. If this bill is going to do all President Obama says, why not have the Democrats take all the glory and leave the Republicans behind?

Unless... Maybe its bi-partisan blame Pres. Obama is seeking, when this 1 trillion does not do anything lasting (other then debit)?

Lee said...


You really have to read this:

Nancy Pelosi -- “I came here, as did my colleagues, to be nonpartisan...”

the WIZARD, fkap said...

As I've said before, Pelosi is the worst Speaker of the House in history.