Sunday, January 25, 2009

Walking A Tightrope

As Barack Obama completes his first week in office we should all be pleased at his effort to set a new, bipartisan, tone in Washington. In the pressure boiler of Washington even a single week is an accomplishment.

The question is how long will the political party leaders allow Obama to continue his voyage into the uncharted waters of compromise. Already Nancy Pelosi is making a solid effort to sink his ship and Republicans are testing his leadership.

I've come to believe Nancy Pelosi is genetically incapable of compromise. Her continued refusal to include a single Republican in the development of legislation is totally out of step with Barack Obama's stated goals. And Pelosi is supplying Republicans with all the ammunition they need to take continuing shots at the President's ship of state.

Actually, so far I'm impressed at Republicans restraint. I only wish Pelosi was using the same maps and charts as the President.

President Obama is receiving expected support from the press

, who are praising Obama's bipartisan approach and his general leadership. The press is actually helping mute the actions of Pelosi and other hyper partisan leaders.

Far right bloggers are rightfully criticizing the double standard shown by the press today versus the instantaneous trashing that President Bush received from the press four and eight years ago. While my friends on the right are totally correct, they should be pleased President Obama is being treated more fairly.

Far left bloggers have actually been more critical of Barack Obama than those on the right. For many of these "progressives," revenge and vengeance topped their list of priorities for the new administration. Obama's signals of compromise and tolerance, not to mention his outright endorsement of some Bush policies, have outraged his supporters on the left, many of whom feel betrayed.

The pressure from the far left and far right to return to rigid partisan dogma will be great. But the vast majority of Americans do not want to return to the gridlock that became the hallmark of the Bush administration and many of the last few administrations.

Barack Obama has my full support and I hope other bloggers, commentators and politicians will join me in supporting his approach of compromise and reasoned discussion and debate.

I want to add a few words to high praise for Sarah Palin who I heard yesterday on one of the cable news channels. I'm sorry that I don't have a link or video clip. But she was very gracious and extremely supportive of Barack Obama.

Sarah Palin emphasized that Barack Obama was "her president" and that he had and deserved her full support. She has high hopes that he will succeed in his efforts. She promised to oppose him on policy issues only and never allow the debate to become divisive or personal.

As Palin moves to position herself for a bigger political role in 2012 it will be damned difficult for her to maintain such a lofty position. But I applaud her for this early show of support and statesmanship today.


Lee said...

Don't underestimate Sarah Palin, while the MSM hates her, the American People love her.

I myself am starting to gather info on Pres. Obama's attempt to muzzle any dissenting voice as well as his double standards on rules.

And while the MSM is being more 'fair' the fawning is still over the top. I mean declaring the seagulls are in awe of Obama... *gag*

Vigilante said...

"Far right bloggers are rightfully criticizing the double standard shown by the press today versus the instantaneous trashing that President Bush received from the press four and eight years ago. While my friends on the right are totally correct.... [blah] [blah] [blah]"

What a hoot. I'll tell you when you know a Republican honestly and graciously is looking to restore unity in our wounded, once great country. That's when he starts a conversation with,

"I apologize for voting for Bush [fill in the years, 2000/2004]. It was a grave mistake. Going forward, I will think more about the common good than my private income tax interests."

That first sentence is all important. Without it, nothing cometh.

the WIZARD, fkap said...

Vigilante, I respectfully disagree. I cannot agree with your blanket condemnation of millions of voters who, in good conscience, made a decision that they genuinely believed was in this countty's best interest.

Save your condemnations for Bush. Most voters made decisions they felt was best for America, whether they voted for Bush or Gore or Kerry or someone else.

Reasonable and intelligent can and will disagree. America is great because of that disagreement and the 200 years of peaceful elections that resolved those disagreements in the election of a President and Congress.

Vigilante said...

Wizard, if there were any reasonable and intelligent people who voted (Twice!) for Bush, then such reasonable and intelligent should apologize to the nation for their grave mistake, which is what reasonable and intelligent people I know do, when they realize they have made a grave mistake with injurious consequences. If they don't realize they made this mistake in voting for Bush, then I can't consider them reasonable and intelligent people.

Lee said...

Such a opinion Vig, lacks reasonable intelligence.

I think Wizard is spot on.

I'm quite surprised at your totalitarian viewpoint.

Vigilante said...

I'm still waiting for those first six words, Lee.

If you're that ashamed to say them, then I think you should wear a paper bag over your head when you go out in public.

Stella said...

Vig, I got those six words from my mother-in-law. Katrina sent her over the edge.

Vigilante said...

Yeah, Stella? That's big! I'm still waiting to hear them from my ex-cousin I told you about. I miss him.

shoo said...

I for one am not sorry I voted for Bush, twice. Even today, in total hindsight, I would vote for Bush again. He was not my first choice in either election, but I still believe he was a far better President than Gore or Kerry could ever have been.

Vigilante said...

Thank you for that confession, Shoo. I will keep that in mind in evaluating your comments for reasonableness and intelligence, going forward. Heraclitus would say, Panta rei.

Lee said...

Hey Vig, I in no way apologize for any vote I have made.

During your blind leading the blind evaluation, I would much rather be lumped in with Shoo.

Chris said...

Thank you, Vigilante, for exposing the totalitarian mindset so prevalent in the American liberal today.

Vigilante said...

Still waiting for those six words. And now we have two instances of misuse of the word "Totalitarian" in the same thread. Geez, you guys are no fun as well as high maintenance. Just as well. My tutoring accounts are full as of now.

Lee said...

Hmmm, So vig teaches ignorance?

not sure how that is done...


Chris said...

He doesn't just teach it, he lives it.