Friday, January 30, 2009

Victory in Iraq

Today is perhaps the most important day in modern Iraqi history. The regional elections, being held completely under the control and supervision of the Iraqi government, military and police without even a hint of American military involvement, represents a huge victory for the Iraqi government, the Iraqi people and the American led coalition that shepherded in the peace and security that allows Iraq to be only the second true democracy in the middle east.

And yes, President Bush also deserves a great deal of credit for the current stability and peace in Iraq. It is his victory, too. His vision and strength (perhaps that was stubbornness) to go against public opinion and the entire Democrat Party (and quite a few Republicans) has paid huge dividends. The surge worked.

Frankly, his masterful management of the debate over funding with Congress may well be his greatest accomplishment as President. After Democrats gained control of Congress it was assumed that funding for Iraq would be cut off. Bush fought against Speaker Pelosi tooth and nail and ended up winning every single battle. The surge was approved and full funding continued until the very last day of his Presidency.

That the President won these funding battles even with a dismal public approval rating shows he was a damned sight better at management and political wrangling than his critics ever imagined.

Coincidentally it also proves just how totally incompetent Nancy Pelosi is at her job. But I digress.

The real victory belongs to the Iraqi people. President Bush is now part of America's past. The future belongs to President Obama. And President Obama's decisions will also affect the future of Iraq. Let's hope he isn't too stubborn himself and allows Iraq to have the support it deserves to become a beacon of hope and freedom for the entire region.


Lee said...


It is nice to read a Bush Posting without BDS.

Out of curiosity if it were in your power to have Pelosi step down, who would you want in her place?

I would put Peter DeFazio.

Stella said...

Lee, if Pelosi stepped down? Henry Waxman, the House pitbull.

the WIZARD, fkap said...

Stella, I really don't think you understand or appreciate the problem.

The very last thing we need today is an ideological pitbull.

That is Pelosi's problem.

I want somebody who genuinely cares about this country, not just winning the next election.

sm said...