Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The World Celebrates

The above photograph, taken by flickr member NCinDC at the Inauguration, is one of thousands of photographs flowing in to flickr's Inauguration Photostream from all around the world. Below is a another photo by NCinDC taken at the World War II Memorial. I want to thank NCinDC for allowing others to republish his work under the Common Creative License.

Photos are flowing into flickr almost faster than it's possible to keep up. Some are simply television screen shots taken by home viewers. Others are impressive creative works. Still others are celebrations around the world.

And many, like NCinDC's above, are just citizen photo-journalism by some of the two million people in Washington DC to celebrate the greatest of all American Democratic Events, the peaceful change in leadership of the world's most powerful nation.

Today the entire world is proud of the United States!


Lee said...

I'm going to post later and leave this day unscathed.

Lee said...

So, The entire world includes Iran?

To me it was tainted by bad form from the crowd (oh well) and gushing of the MSM.

I truely hope the country does well under President Obama.

Stella said...

Wizard, what a lovely post! Thank you. Lee, who knows about Iran? I know you are pulling for this nation to do well under the new administration.

I'm not gushing, just cautiously optimistic. I've been a fan of Biden's for many years, even though he's a master at putting his foot in his mouth sometimes.

I avoided MSM gushing by watching the inauguration on CSPAN.

Lee said...

If idol worship wasn't enough. The non-story item is the "flub".

Yeah, people make errors when being watched by millions... Get over it, move on.

Stella said...

Yes, Lee. You're right. So, does that mean that mean you'll forgive Railroad Joe if he flubs?

Lee said...

If he flubs? We are talking about VP Biden right?

Vigilante said...

Great Post, Wizard