Saturday, January 19, 2008

America is the BIG Winner

Hillary Clinton and John McCain were both surprise victors in their respective primaries tonight and their victories were narrow. But it was a great step forward for both candidates.
And, in my opinion, it was a great victory for America with the two most qualified candidates moving closer to their party's nominations. As I've said before, if we have Clinton versus McCain in 2008, America cannot lose.
There is a long way to go before the nominations are secured. Obama is giving Clinton the fight of her life. But she will emerge stronger because of the battle.
McCain has an even tougher road to his nomination with four other viable candidates with a realist chance of winning. And Romney did win Nevada as expected.
But the exit polls in South Carolina show Republicans feel McCain is "most electable." And, realistically he might be the only viable Republican candidate. In spite of low enthusiasm early in the election cycle, Republicans do really want to win. Electability might be the issue that puts McCain over the top.
All I can say is I like the way the election is heading tonight.


Vigilante said...

Oh, Wizard! I'm pulling for Fred Thompson. I think he would make the best GOP nominee. It would be best for America if the Republicans nominated him.

the WIZARD, fkap said...

Easiest to beat???