Friday, January 25, 2008

Do You Think Any of Them Knows What the Word Really Means?

HINT: It DOESN'T MEAN a continuation the partisan warfare and gridlock that puts politics ahead of the public good. And, as of today, I believe there is only one candidate who can genuinely bridge the gap between the two political parties.

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the WIZARD, fkap said...

Of course the man I mean is Senator John McCain. Just look at the massive and coordinate attack on McCain from the ultra right wing pundits, most of whom make a living stoking the fires of partisan warfare: Michelle Malkin, Rush Limbaugh, Rick Moran, Mark Levin, and on and on.

The heart of their attaack on McCain? He has always been willing to reach out a hand across the aisle to do what is right for the country. Here is the litany of crimes (bills) the ultra right uses to attack McCain:

McCain-Feingold — A genuine attempt at much needed campaign finance reform. Flawed, but a great example of the sheer power of bipartisanship.

McCain-Kennedy — These two genuine statesmen joined forces with President Bush in an attempt at real Immigration reform. But the haters and warriors in Washington killed the bill.... giving the public ABSOLUTELY NOTHING IN RETURN.

McCain-Lieberman — Of course the ultra right saw a bipartisan effort to save the environment as an unforgivable sin.

McCain-Kennedy-Edwards — A Patients’ Bill of Rights.

The more the right attacks McCain, the more obvious it is that he is the best choice for the Republican Nomination (and very possibly the best choice for President).