Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A Great Win for John McCain

John McCain did tonight something he really needed to do.... he won a real Republican primary!!

JohnMcCain.comMcCain was always the leader among moderates, Republican liberals (yes, there are some, more than you might think), and true Independents.

But McCain lacked support from the "established" conservatives that dominate the Republican Party.

Rush Limbaugh actively campaigned against McCain. Michelle Malkin blogged incessantly against McCain. And so did many other Conservatives.

So tonight's win was really critical to the Arizona Senator. And win he did! McCain won in a "closed" primary which prohibited cross-over voting.

This victory is huge.

Now Limbaugh and Malkin and other conservatives will have to decide if they will back McCain or usher Bill and Hillary back into the White House on a red carpet.

Of sure, I'm still hoping
Barack Obama will win the Democrat nomination. In fact Clinton's shrill speech in Florida tonight was distasteful. But the pundits still think Hillary has a lock on the nomination.

I think Obama can attract more Independents than McCain. But not Clinton. She'll yield the Independents to McCain. And, very likely, the election.

So the Wizard will take his victories where he can find them. And tonight I'll savor the McCain win.

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Anonymous said...

It looks like my string of successful predictions has ended. But that doesn't change my opinion of McCain. I will not vote for him even if his general election opponent is Satan himself.